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episiotomy stitches fallen out and more.....

so I gave birth just short of three weeks ago. I had an epidural, had to have a forceps delivery and an episiotomy which went basically right through to my anus. I noticed a week ago the stitches had all come out. I had my doctor look at them and they said the wound would heal itself-heal itself?!? I am freaking out about it just somehow fusing itself together?


on top of this.... I have since giving birth lost control of my bowel movements and have been unfortunately pooping my pants almost each day. I can't even feel it coming on, it just feels like wind and then it's all soft and come through without me realising.


i am absolutely terrified I am never going to be normal again, is there anyone out there who has experienced similar problems that can share their story-it would be greatly appreciated. 

Re: episiotomy stitches fallen out and more.....

  • I would call your doctor again. If they still tell you things will heal on their own, find a new doctor. It sounds like they either over cut your episiotomy or the episiotomy tore to a fourth degree. 

    I dont have experience with your exact issue but I do have pelvic floor damage, there are things that can be done to correct and improve these issues, you don't have to live with it forever. 

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    If you have fecal incontinence, your doctor should be doing a lot more to reassure you IMHO rather than just telling you it will heal on its own. 


    What happened to Skoogirl?  Didn't she have the forth degree tear?  Maybe try messaging her or see if she's in one of the Facebook groups. GL.  

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  • I had a 3 rd degree tear with my first baby and had urinary incontinence. I went to physio for pelvic floor retraining they called it. It helped a lot, I was actually able to run after without Peeing my pants. Also used Diltiazem cream for a rectal fissure that resulted from my tear too which helped. They may have to do corrective surgery. I would seek a second opinion.  

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