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AW: My DH is awesome

Obviously, I've had a tough few days, but I'm so, so, so lucky to have DH. He has never met my friend who passed away and wouldn't know him from Adam, but he is being so sweet. He's given me 100 hugs, listened to a bunch of old random memories that pop into my head all day long, lets me cry out of nowhere, helping so much with O, making me feel better about the time that passed since I last talked to my friend and just being all around wonderful.

Tonight we were packing in the basement and I was saying random things about my friend and he was being really sweet and talking to me about heaven and this and that.

I just wanted to AW him for a minute because, honestly, he really is the best husband. He just knows what to say to make my heart feel better and I'm so very lucky to have him.

 Tell me a happy story about your DH/SO. They get a lot of crap from us and I love to hear sweet stories!

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Re: AW: My DH is awesome

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