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How have you been? I missed you all day! *muah!*
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Re: LiliD!

  • Awwww thanks! I have been busy shopping for Mother's Day presents. Then L lost yet another toy at the mall, so I decided to make her a toy tether so it won't damn well happen again. I'm sick of forking out 30 dollars for that stoopid giraffe...

    Here it is.

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    Soooo that's why I've been MIA today.

    How much longer till summer break for you? Do you have students over the summer? Hope you still enjoyed your day, even though you missed meeee!!

    ETA please ignore the clear fact that I haven't vacuumed by carpet in 273849 months.
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  • My little Miss S claims no responsibility of any actions by that stoopid giraffe with a shared name! I love your tether, though!

    Stuff is winding down, one of my studio recitals is on Sunday (yes, I know it's on mothers day) and I've been busy getting my students ready for that. Another recital for my other school is on the 20th, so I have a little bit of time to breathe between them.

    Im really excited for summer, even though I have to teach my crazy schedule still through the end of the month. But in June, I go from 6 days of teaching to only 3! Woot! I'm making a list of things I want to do this summer and I can't wait!

    In Canada, do they start school the same time we do in the States? Are you starting up again when school begins? I'm sure you don't want your maternity leave to end! I was just talking with a friend of mine who goes back to work June 1, which will be 10 weeks leave. I only took 6. You ladies up north are so lucky!

    By the way, I thought S lost her horse block (this fabric block from pbk that she loves). I was devastated. I called the grocery store and asked them, "do you have a horse block in you lost and found?" The lady said, "uhhh, I see a Buzz Lightyear and a bear and a Mr. Potato Head, but no horse block." Fastforward to a week later and H found it under the seat in our car! Yay! 

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