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PIP and birth story

Short version: Colton Ellis was born vaginally yesterday at 10:15pm. He weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long.


Very long version: I had timeable BH all night Tuesday, every 6 mins that didn't hurt. But just after 5am Wednesday, I woke up to dull, crampy contractions that were 10 mins apart.

I was supposed to go to my OB's office for a BPP and NST anyway, but I called ahead and told them about the contractions. They suggested that I go to the maternity ward for evaluation instead. We packed the car just in case and headed to the hospital.

I got hooked up to the monitor and had a cervical check. Result: 2cm dilated, thick and high cervix, and contractions still every 10 mins. The nurses wanted to send me home, but a call to the OB yielded a request for the BPP I was supposed to get to begin with. Problem was, I couldn't get the BPP until 3pm, so I had to hang out and stay hooked up to the damn monitor. Contractions suck when you're stuck in bed!

The baby failed the BPP because he refused to practice breathe, which the ultrasonographer assured us would mean staying the night. Once back in the maternity ward, I got hooked up again [really not liking this] and listened to a nurse babble on about how I should go home for early labor.

My OB showed up around 5pm, checked me, and was startled to see I was at 4cm. He told me that I was having a baby, ordered an IV for fluids and the lowest dose of Pitocin possible, and told the nurse to contact the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

What followed was a fun clusterflck: the nurse plunged the catheter needle THROUGH every vein I have, failed to get the fluids started in a timely manner, never got the Pitocin going, and seemed to forget about the epidural.

But hey, that's okay...I was suddenly at 8cm, still hooked to the damn monitor, and all I wanted to do was stand up during my contractions [now every two minutes]. Once they realized I was at 8cm, they told me that it was too late for the epidural and gave me Stadol. Stadol is useless.

I was really afraid that I was going to have the baby without effective pain meds [not part of my nonexistent birth plan!1!!1]. Fortunately, after a great deal of begging, the anesthesiologist was contacted. He showed up and said, "We can do this, but you have to hold completely still for 5 to 7 minutes while I place it."

Ha! Hold still? I was writhing with every contraction and getting oxygen for hyperventilation. Honestly, holding still while he placed the epidural was the hardest part of the whole labor.

From there, things progressed so quickly that the OB damn near missed the birth. I started pushing with the support of two amazing nurses and my DH. My water broke with the first push and literally sprayed across the room! A few pushes later, and one of the nurses was literally holding the top of the baby's head asking, "Uh, are you coming?" while the OB casually strolled in and slowly donned his scrubs.

As soon as the OB took over, I pushed through two contractions and boom! Out came the head. The rest of our boy soon followed!

We're all doing fairly well...only 1st degree tearing for me...but Colton has been having some bilirubin and feeding problems. He's a sweet little trooper, though. I never thought it would happen to me, but the "mama hormones" have kicked in and I'm all about this little guy!

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