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Capri's Birth Story- Finally!

She was born last Friday but here it is...

I went for my 40 week appointment last Thursday and my doctor told me to check into L & D that night for Cervadil and then induction in the morning.  That night the Cervadil gave me contractions but I was able to sleep through them so I don't know how close they were together. 

I woke up in the morning and I took a shower and they gave me the Pitocin.  Then the real contractions started.  Pitocin contractions were the most painful thing I had ever endured.  After about an hour of extreme pain, they gave me the epidural.  I was able to take a quick nap and then I started to feel pressure. 

When the doctor came in to check on me, I told her that I was feeling pressure and she told the nurses.  Then they set me up and I started to push.  I got two full pushes out of the first contraction, then I heard them suction out her mouth.  I gave one more big push and I hear the doctor say, "Open your eyes!  Look who's here!"  Then they handed me my little girl!!  I pushed her out in 3 pushes that took about 4 minutes with no rips and no stitches required!!!

She's absolutely too pretty for words.  My oldest daughter is completely in love and she's nursing like a champ!







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