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Pumping Teachers

Attention classroom teachers: I have gone back to work this week as a classroom teacher. How often do you pump during the day? Do you pump for a certain amount of time or do you pump until you have a certain amount of milk. I am getting comments that I am taking too long or have to be finished at a certain time so the person covering me can move to their next duty. It has been a long time since a teacher without an aide has needed to pump in our building.

 Currently I pump at 8:45, 11:20 (planning time) and 2.  

My admin is completely supportive of me pumping but it's up to me to find coverage for the time I pump. 

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Re: Pumping Teachers

  • wow, you are lucky. I only get my lunch. I pump before school and during lunch (my planning time runs into lunch so it doesn't help too much. especially because my district is meeting crazy and I have a meeting during conference most days of the week) so I pump 8-8:30 ish and 12:35-1:05. I try to pump 5 minutes past me last drop of milk when I pump without time constraints (I read on kelly mom this helps supply). My goal every day is about 10 oz and then I pump another 2 at home in the evenings.
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  • I'm not back yet with this baby, but with DS1, I nursed and then pumped before I left about 6:30. Then I talked the powers that be into changing my plan time to the 9:00 slot so I could pump and not need coverage. I wasn't loved for that, but others got over it. Then I pumped again at lunch only 25 min for that one total! I kept everything put together from first pump and cold in a cooler bag so I could be fast!. If we had a meeting I pumped quickly beforehand after school, but otherwise went and picked up/ fed baby after school.
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  • I pumped for 15 minutes beacuse if I stopped at the amount I needed, I would have been in that room all day. I could only pump at 10 and 2:45, so my supply dried up.

  • I EP'd for a year when I had DD (I pumped before school, then 1 time at school, after school, in the evening, and middle of the night).

    This time, I am EBFing. I will feed LO then pump in the morning before I leave (between 5am and 630am). Then, I am on planning from 8:35-9:25, so I will pump then. I have duty period from 10:15-11:05, so between locker room coverage I will pump. Then, I won't get to until after school (around 2:30). I will feed LO at home. That is my plan. I am hoping it works.

    Since I plan to BF for a year (at least), I requested to have a planning period in the middle of the day when I go back in the fall because it is most conducive to pumping.

  • I feed DD in the morning before I leave and then pump as soon as I get to school, around 715am. Then I pump at 1030 and 2. I pump at night about and hour after each feeding and I get about 5 extra ounces that way. It is not easy and I have to be flexible but so far so good.

    Good Luck!

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    I feed LO right before I leave for work and pump the otherside while she is eating. I pump when I get to work, 830. My lunch and plan are lumped together , 90 minutes total,so I pump at the beginning of my plan 11:40 and then a quick pump at the end 100. I make a lot of milk so usually 10 minutes gets way more than enough. The last pump at 1 I only for comfort and I just pump enough so I can run around with my kiddos without feeling to full at the end of the day.




  • I'm not back yet, but I have to go back for 2 weeks before summer break.  I plan on pumping during my prep at 10 and my lunch at 1.  When school resumes in September, I will have to stop.  There is no way I will have time to do it, I need those precious times to plan!
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