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Do you still use a sleep sack?

J is getting too big for her sleep sacks, and the pediatrician has said she can start sleeping with a sheet/blanket now that she's a year. But, for as much as she moves around at night, I just don't think she's going to get how to use the blanket so it stays on top of her and keeps her warm.

Do they just figure it out, or do they not mind being cold...?



Re: Do you still use a sleep sack?

  • CLL1001CLL1001
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    DD is going on 20 months and I still use a sleep sack. She is in the 90% for height so she's pretty tall and still has plenty of room in the halo size xl. I plan to keep using them as long as possible because she's all over the crib throughout the night and also if she ever tries to climb out of her crib I think being in the sack probably won't allow her to.
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  • I stopped using them around 6 months because I found DS slept better when he could move around move.  He made it all winter with a blanket and did just fine.  We're getting to the time where warm pjs will probably be enough anyway
  • My LO is still in a sleep sack because she's all over the crib at night. A blanket wouldn't follow her. I'm thinking about ordering her the "early walker" ones that have foot openings, since she's walking now.


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  • Dd is 20 months and she still sleeps in a ss.  I found one on one step ahead that has legs in it so there is more room for her.  She has the size 3t and its huge in her.  She just kicks a blanket off.
  • WhitWedWhitWed
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    Nope!  DD stopped using them around 6 months and we switched to snap-up pajamas or the tight-fit carter's pajama sets for additional warmth.  Once she was 14mo old we let her take a blanket to bed with her and she loves it.  Now she's 21mo, is in her toddler bed, and has regular covers and her aden blanket.  My how time flies!
  • We stopped a long time ago, I do put a blanket in with him but he moves a ton so I am sure it is off him during the night.  Somehow he doesn't seem to mind, he usually does run on the hot side, I do feel bad sometimes because I need to have something on me at night!
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  • We just stopped using a sleep sack about a month ago. But we haven't given her a blanket either. She seems to sleep just fine without them.
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  • We use it and plan to for a while. We tried some nights with just blankets and he kept kicking them off and waking up. If the sleep sacks are dirty we double up on the pajamas and that seems to work fine. I just think the sleep sacks are easier and they prevent him from getting his leg high enough to climb out of the crib!
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  • kaybe24kaybe24
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    16 months and he still sleeps in one.  It helps him to sleep because as soon as I zip it up he just settles into my arms.  He's 90% for weight and 85% for height and wears the XL.
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  • My babe is 15months/ 31" tall. She wears "early walker" by Halo sleepsack

    I bought XL and it's too big for could fit a short adult! I think my babe would've been a perfect size M/L, but when she wears this....she doesnt walk around. Instead she likes  to travel in her sleep and this sack with legs are perfect.

    Blankets are okay, but I end up checking on her every so often.

  • We use a blanket. Our house isn't cold and he always wears footy pajamas so I'm never too worried about him being covered up. Half the time he'll just stay where I put him and be covered up when I go check on him. Other times he'll have his blanket all cuddled up in his arms. Sometimes when he doesn't want to go to bed yet he'll throw it out of his crib and then cry until I give it back to him. That one's making me wish we had done sleep sacks. He's attached to the blanket though.
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  • Yes.  Halo has a toddler sack.
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  • Nope.  We switched to blankets around 8 months.  DS is ALL over the crib all night.  When he's cold, he tugs the blanket with him.  When he's not, he leaves it in a ball.
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  • Our DD is almost 22 months old and still sleeps in one! Our issue is that she refuses to have anything else in her crib...we put a stuffed animal or blanket and she yells and throws it out!   And, she really loves that stupid SS....even insists on wearing it for naps.
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  • amyc216amyc216
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    DS is 19 mos. and we are still using sleepsacks.  It works for us.  Not sure when we'll switch him to a blanket.

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  • I just ordered 4 XL sleep sacks.  After this, we'll probably go to the Early Walker ones that have the feet holes. 

    DS is a wild man when he sleeps.  He flops all over and tosses and turns.  The blanket would be useless.

    I'm thinking we'll transition to a blanket around the time that we also transition to a bed.

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  • No, I stopped around 10 months.  DS moves around in his sleep, but not to the point of laying in the opposite direction.

    DS received the nice Aden & Anais blankets as a gift (not the swaddlers, the thicker ones), and somehow that blanket magically moves around with him.  Its the perfect weight and size.  Any other blanket falls of pretty quickly.


  • Nope.  DD has been using a blanket since she was 6 months.  She doesn't move a ton, but when she does she takes the blanket with her.  She alternates between footie and footless pjs.  If her feet are uncovered it does not seem to bother her. 
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  • I still use sleep sacks in the winter. My house is pretty cold and drafty. This coming winter my 2 year old son will be wearing one, my 3 year old will hopefully be using blankets. But I'll buy him sleep sacks if he wakes up cold.

  • Leap08Leap08
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    We just stopped using a sleep sack. DD2's room has been pretty warm at night, which is why I stopped putting her in it. She sleeps fine. I put a blanket in her crib, but she usually kicks it off. DD1 didn't really start sleeping under covers until she was in a big girl bed for awhile.
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  • We stopped using a sleep sack at about maybe 8 months.  She doesn't keep a blanket on, usually.  I go in and cover her up before I go to bed.  In the winter we also had a space heater in the kids room to keep it a little warmer.  But now that itis spring we just let her have her blanket.

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  • aandgaandg
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    My daugher is 20 months and she still uses one. She is only in the 20th percentile for height and the XL is still pretty big on her. They make them in toddler sizes with holes for their feet.
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  • Netty_3Netty_3
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    DS will not keep a blanket on, we keep him in warm pajamas, because he would go nuts in a sleepsack.

    Actually last night we noted was the longest he ever kept covers on.

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  • DS never liked the sleep sack. We swaddled til about 6 months, although the last month of that DS would bust his arms free. DS won't stay under covers, but we live in a warm climate. We normally just put warm Jammies on him for colder nights and cooler ones on hot nights.
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  • When I lay my LO down I put the blanket on him but he rolls around so much in his sleep when I check on him later it's not on him.  I just put it back on him at that time.  I know I can't check on him all night to do this but he doesn't seem cold.  I try to keep the room a nice temperature by either using the fan if it's hot or the portable heater set to 69 degrees.  Either one of those seems to keep the room a nice temp.
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  • DS usually kicks the blanket off in his sleep. I just make sure that he's in warm PJs and put the blanket on solely for practice.
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  • LOL. My DD is 22 months and we have relied so much on her sleep sack over the winter. I never allowed a blanket (just a few stuffed animals after a year) and even so she wouldn't know to really cover herself enough to keep her warm. She just now has been sleeping with a blanket every night and that's only because she requests it. My mom said she used to come in and cover us up with a blanket at night, but she's the one who introduced me to the sleep sack and it's just wonderful and DD is so cute in it and the same one fits forever! Before the sleep sack, I used those Velcro swaddling blankets. And by the way, I'm pretty sure DD has woken up because her room was too cold (the heat in our house fluctuates because we use wood heat only), so yeah they do mind. Just use the sleep sack so you don't have to worry about it. And also, it helps prevent them from climbing out of the crib. So far DD hasn't done it and she has always been a climber although we don't use it during naps.
  • My 19 month old still wears a sleep sack. DH calls it his "cape." We use grobags which are ridiculously long, so he still uses a 12-18 month one, even though he's in 2T/24 month clothing.
  • I am kind of shocked at people using portable/space heaters in kid rooms.  

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  • We have used the radiator kind from time to time, although I would definitely feel better without it. We don't have doors and I often sleep in DD's room and many times an basically just outside the door in either the other bedroom or living room. There, of course, is also a working fire alarm in her room. Also, I use the lowest wattage possible that will still keep the room warm enough. In the dead of winter, using only wood heat in the house, it can get really cold in her room even though I dress her a warmly as possible.
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    I am kind of shocked at people using portable/space heaters in kid rooms.  

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