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Registry Price-capping?

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on my shower registry and I was wondering how people decide what items they do and don't register for. My husband and I decided that for the very expensive items, (furniture, stroller etc.) that we should for sure buy those on our own. However some of the other items like the the baby monitor and car seat are still pretty pricey. Is there a registry etiquette that people follow?

Re: Registry Price-capping?

  • I'm on my first but I just put those items on the registry. I just tried to find the best value and price for those particular items. I've always assumed when buying off a registry that it just a general guideline of what someone needs. I'm the worst when it comes to actually finding an item in store 
  • I've seen prices from all ranges on registries.  We are buying the furniture, but other than that we will probably add it to the list to register for.  Some of my family likes making gift baskets full of smaller items and others want to buy some of the larger things because they are more financially able to.  There is a consignment store that sells and buys back baby stuff and I've been checking out a lot of things such as clothes that I know won't last long that I can get for a super low price and actually take back when the LO needs bigger sizes.  I don't know if there is an etiquette, but I can't image putting anything on there that isn't needed or that we wouldn't spend the money on ourselves.

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  • I think this is a little challenging. I don't really want to register for the high-end items (like a video monitor) or the somewhat personal ones (breast pump or nursing pads), but sometimes the stores offer a completion discount on the registry that would help you save money when you buy those items for yourself. Maybe we could add those after the showers and before the registry closes out?


  • I think a registry should have a variety of prices.  Like anywhere from $2 for a bottle brush to $200 for the bigger stuff.  For one, you'll still get a completion discount you can use on bigger things if you don't get them at showers.  For another, having a variety allows for easier meeting of all budgets.  Also, I know my family, for example, tends to go in on the bigger items.  IMO, there is nothing wrong with having them on there.  Just because it's on there doesn't mean you will get them or that you expect one person to purchase such a large item.
  • I put everything on the registry because you get a completion discount on the things that aren't purchased for your shower. To be honest, I don't think anyone is going to get offended by it - it's not like you are expecting them to spend $300 on a crib or something. 

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  • I don't think the price of the more expensive items is an issue...you should register for what you want and plan to use.  Just make sure you have plenty of options under 30 bucks to accommodate all your shower guests.
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  • I also put anything that I need on the registry for completion coupon purchases. However, I have also seen family members go in together on buying the bigger purchases, which is always a nice surprise. You never know what people are looking for and like PP said, I've never heard of being offended as long as there is a variety of price points for people to choose from


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  • Thanks! These are all great suggestions ;) I have attended a few showers in the past but just realized I paid very little attention to what they put on there. These are good guidelines. And I definitely want that registry completion discount at the end! 
  • slh6363slh6363
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    I plan on including all items I want on my registry more so to use as a "what I need list" to stay organized. I by no means expect people to buy the super expensive things...so I hope people aren't offended! But that has always been the case for friends registrys I have seen so I think it will be fine. Also people often like going in together on a larger item.
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  • Just put everything on there- including breast pumps and nursing stuff. 1. You get a completion coupon 2. It keeps everything you need/want organized so you don't forget anything 3. Family members often like to go in on big items (my dad and his side bought our infant seat and extra base)

    Just make sure you have lots of small and inexpensive stuff too- like blankets, onsies, bibs, etc

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  • chiboo9chiboo9
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    I don't think there's a certain etiquette that people follow. A registry is merely a guideline for those who want to buy you a gift. Our registry has items that range from $2 to $300. We're banking on the completion program for the big ticket items.

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  • Just like my wedding registry I put things on there mainly as a checklist for myself haha. So I don't forget anything. This way whatever isn't purchased I can get either way. And I already purchased one thing off my registry ::crib:: so I wouldn't forget what it exactly was. This baby brain stuff is serious stuff lol
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  • I am keeping my registry to things I actually need and will use the completion discount to buy the remainder of the items after the shower. I'm keeping it fairy simple but have a pretty good mix of small and large items. Go ahead and add what you will need, also, I have been to many showers where several people pooled together to purchase a large item so just because you register for a $200 item doesn't mean you are expecting one person to spend that much money!
  • I try to put a mix of prices on mine, while also picking things that I really do want.  The most expensive thing on my registry is the baby monitor - double video for $300.  I don't expect or anticipate that anyone will buy it, but the completion code later on will be helpful.  And actually, it was my husband who insisted on that monitor, not me!  I just wanted a sound one, not video.  Hehe!

    I also tried price comparison shopping with mine - I would find something on BRU and check it against Amazon.  Most items were the same price.  A few things were cheaper on Amazon, so that's the registry it went on.  I tried to save people some of the "shopping around" aspect.  ;)

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  • What I did with DS was put a few items that are more costly, like the stroller. And then a bunch in different price ranges. This is because some of my families my aunt and her kids all go in together to buy a more expensive gift. 

  • I'm a FTM and didn't want to put the "expensive" items in my registry. We bought our own furniture and travel system.

    We just didnt feel right asking others to purchase those items and we didnt purchase those items where we are registered.
  • kje120kje120
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    I would put them on there, you never know what people might buy. Plus a group might go in together to get a pricier item.  

    I put our glider on the registry just so I would be able to use the completion discount to buy it ourselves, but my sister surprised us with it. 

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  • I have some of the high price items on mine. some people like to get together on gifts.
    I'm of the mind that people should know about registry discounts, so if they judge you for anything on there, there meanie heads
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