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This fall H and I were planning on moving into another rental property and TTC.  However about 2 weeks ago, his parents made us the generous offer of buying their extremely nice house, fully furnished next year for half of what is worth because his mother is retiring and they want a quick sale so that they can buy a retirement house in FL.  The only stipulation is that we let his little brother live with us for at least a year and we can charge him rent (if he doesn't already have an apartment by that time) and we do not mind at all.  We have put off the plans to move into a new rental property for this reason but now we are debating holding off on the TTC.

Would you wait till you are done buying the house and postpone TTC for a year or go ahead with the original plans of that aspect?  We are kind of going back and forth at the moment and would like some more perspective from people that maybe going through a similar situation.  Sorry this is so long! 

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    Houses are exciting!! I think the biggest question for you though is how does that affect your finances? And if you get knocked up right away will that mean having to move while hugely preggers?

    If you will still be financially ready to TTC and if the moving date wouldn't be near when you might be 8-9 months along I would say stick to the original plan and go for it! But ultimately, it's up to you and what you and your hubby can handle :)


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  • I would stick with my original plan unless financially it wouldn't be plausible.  Good luck with ttc and lucky you for have such generous in-laws.  That is quite an offer! 
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  • If buying the house is a sure bet I would postpone ttc. It can be done but you honestly don't want to be moving while pregnant or with a newborn. However, if you have any reason to believe it may take you a while to get pregnant (a bit older, irregular cycles) then you may prefer to just take your chances.

    How well do you get along with his brother? Will it be an issue ttc/being pregnant/having an infant while he is living with you guys?

    It is really generous of his parents to offer their house but I hope they aren't the type that then micromanage or feel like you owe them something for eternity. "I don't like your paint choice", "its time for the annual chimney sweep!", or "well, we are going to come stay in your guest room... be there tomorrow!" ya know what I mean? I know a couple who found themselves in that situation exactly and would have prefered to have just rented or bought a different house.


    Best of luck! 

  • My H and I talked about this too. I'm 28, still young, but we agreed we aren't getting any younger and shouldn't wait to be in a new house first, then TTC. Since buying a house could take a very long time, we would only push having our first child out farther and farther, plus, I can't tell you how many times I see on HGTV people buy a house, have a baby, and then decide it's too small and have to move again. Your best bet is to have a baby first, then determine your needs. What can you live with and what can you live without. Think about the layout of your inlaws house, it's location, does it have a back yard, is it a safe neighborhood, is it on a busy street? How kid friendly is it especially when you talk about these furnishings. When I was growing up, my parents had all glass tables in the house, with pointy edges. Let's just say, they really weren't into childproofing, but these are some things to consider. Can you handle carrying kids and laundry up to the second floor? etc. Talk through those things, then make your decision. You shouldn't have to modify your life to fit a house, your house should fit your life first and if it doesn't, can you modify the house to fit what your needs are?
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