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Missed miscarriage?

I thought I was 10 weeks pregnant, and totally overjoyed, until my first routine OB appt. yesterday. I have had a miscarriage in the past, followed by the birth of my healthy son, who is now seven.

When my OB did the ultrasound, she looked confused. She said..."maybe you aren't as far along as we thought? When was your positive pregnancy test?" I told her March 28th. She said the baby looked far too small for 10 weeks...yolk sac still visible...and had me go to the hospital for a more detailed ultrasound.

The tech there found the same thing, fetal pole measuring only six weeks, yolk sac measuring seven, and no detectable heartbeat. Because six weeks is still so small, my OB wants me to go back in one week to see if baby has grown at all. But I am devastated. I am absolutely sure this was a missed miscarriage.

I have been feeling cramps all morning, which I now realize I may have been feeling all along, but just ignoring them thinking it was the feeling of my uterus growing. I am so sad and disappointed, and have been crying all last night and today. I hadn't wanted to tell anyone about my pregnancy for this exact reason, but my husband has been telling everyone, and I remember having to relive the pain again every time someone who hadn't heard yet asked "How's the baby?" last time.

I wonder if anyone has ever heard of this happening and the baby just being small? With my son I used a midwife, never had an early u/s, and he was born a week late, so I'm wondering if my babies just grow slowly? I feel foolish for clinging to any hope though. The worst part is I still feel so awfully pregnant; sore boobs, nauseated, fatigued, and having crazy dreams every time I sleep.

I have desperately wanted another child, and have waited so long for this, only to be disappointed yet again. I can't believe this is happening. It was like replaying a bad dream yesterday, and now I have to go back to the hospital tonight because I WORK there. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, and how long it took for the m/c to be complete? Did you need misoprostol? I would prefer it over a D&C, but I know either way it will be emotionally traumatic.

So sad  :-(

Not the way I had hoped to spend yet ANOTHER mother's day (my last m/c happened the day before mother's day, 8 years ago.)

Re: Missed miscarriage?

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    I am so sorry for your loss. My story is very similar to yours. I went in for my second prenatal appt at almost 11 weeks. They did an ultrasound and found the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks and had no heartbeat. It took me two weeks after that to miscarry naturally.

    This board is full of awesome supportive ladies and really helped me through it all. I hope it can help you too.
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  • I'm so sorry for what your going through, it sounds similar to me, I'm going to be ten weeks tomorrow, and when they did a ultra sound no heart beat and it was too tiny. When I got test done it showed my levels dropping, so they called it a non viable pregnancy we are so sad because this was our first. We tried to stay hopeful but they kept pushing it that it was a miscarriage and so I just went the route of waiting, and going back to get more tests and may have to get the pills.
    It's sad we were going to announce to the rest of the family on Mother's Day.
    It's very tough news to hear, sorry for your loss.
    Thoughts and prayers to you.. This board is a great support system though
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    I'm so sorry.  Same thing happened to me--the baby measured 2 weeks earlier than he actually was.  That appointment had a heartbeat, but the dating ultrasound the next week did not.  I was 9 weeks, baby only 7 and some days. My doctor said that in the first trimester, babies grow at the same rate, which is why they are able to date  the growth so specifically.   

    I took misoprostol twice (inserted vaginally).  The first time didn't work, but the second time it did.  Overall, I'm pleased with that decision.  I'm almost 4 weeks past the actual miscarriage (passing placenta and gestational sac).  

    If you decide to go with the medicine, ask for some pain killers and get a heating pad.  The heavy bleeding (and random gushing) only lasted a few days, then I spotted for a few weeks.  My hcg levels have been steadily declining, but aren't quite down to 0 yet.   

     I've read/heard that totally natural miscarriages can drag out for quite awhile, so if you are interesting in trying again, it may be worth speeding up the process with medication or a d&c, but you have to do what is right for you.  

    Feel free to message me if you want a more complete (re: graphic) depiction of what happens with misoprostol.  

    Hang in there.  



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    I am sorry. I had the same thing happen to me with my first miscarriage. 10 week ultrasound showed a 6 1/2 week fetus with no heartbeat. We waited a week to make sure my dates were not off even though I knew they weren't. Same thing showed a week later. Has a D and C 2 days later. So sorry you are going through this again.
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  • I'm so sorry for you. Sadly this is so similar to me. I was pregnant with my first. Went to first appointment at 7.5 weeks. All was fine. Went for ultrasound on 5/7/13 with DH at almost 10 weeks to get to see the baby and heartbeat, but there wasn't one. Baby also had stopped developing at 6.5 weeks and not viable. We were absolutely shocked!
    Doc said was missed miscarriage. I had all early pregnancy symptoms and no spotting/bleeding or cramps. Said I could wait a week or two to see if I had natural miscarriage or do a DC. We chose DC and had performed this morning.
    Mine was performed at the hospital under general anesthesia so I do not remember the procedure. The hospital staff was wonderful. The hospital is having our babies remains buried in their cemetary with a marker in an area specially for unborn babies that we can visit if we would like. They also perform a shell blessing where the doctor and nurses say a prayer during surgery when remains are removed and present me and my DH with a shell for remembrance.
    The DC was definitely the right choice for me and my DH. But there is definitely no wrong choice. I just could not bear the waiting and experience of a natural miscarriage.
    Physically, my doc said everything "inside" is all normal which is also comforting and all went well. I have experienced mild bleeding so far and some moderate cramping, but have pain meds as needed. I have follow up with doc in 2 weeks. Said if all keeps going well we can begin ttc following my next regular menstural cycle in approximately one month. Like most not sure why the baby did not make it and will never know
    Emotionally, not sure how long, but the marker in the cemetary and shell blessing offered by my hospital were welcoming for me and my DH.
    I hope what ever you chose and what ever happens is right for you. Again, i am so sorry. Prayers for you and all.
  • Sorry for you loss..I to went in had US at 7weeks because I was spotting. But baby was fine. But I remember her saying it was kindof small...at my 12 wk apt I had been bleeding like a period and red for 3 days. They did US again and said baby stopped growing at 9 wk...hang in there. Thoughts and prayer
  • I'm sorry for your loss. I just had one this week at 10 weeks also...I just want to chime in in regards to your dh telling people about the baby. HE needs to go to them and mention the loss so YOU don't have to go through being asked 'how's baby'...my dh told his co-workers without my knowledge ( I was going to tell mine on this Sat) and he called yesterday and put out word of our loss, so I won't have to be asked. One less thing you need to deal with right now...again I'm sorry.
  • i know your pain too well. I started to bleed at 12 weeks.  went to the ER and thye told me my baby had passed at 8 wks 5 days. I never heard a heartbeat. my follow up in tomorrow and I hope we hear good news. It sucks. It really, really sucks.
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  • I have been agonizing all last week and over the weekend, trying to cling to some hope that baby would be ok. I called the hospital three different times and each time they said they had no order for a followup u/s from my doc. I called the OB office Thursday and was told they would get back to me on Friday, but they never did. I was going to give them until today to get back to me, then call them AGAIN, but sadly I have been cramping this weekend and then started spotting today, so I don't think I will bother going through the torment of another invasive vaginal ultrasound, because I am pretty sure I know what they will tell me.

    I am so very sad, but I guess not surprised, as I have had a week to get used to the idea that this pregnancy had very likely ended. I am troubled by the fact that it has been exactly 8 years (to the day) since the last one...makes me feel like I am cursed or something. I don't feel like I can immediately try to get pregnant again. This has been a really painful shock and I am just too upset. I have already put away all my baby things that I dug out of my boxes, which I had done hoping that it would make this pregnancy seem more real. The whole time I struggled with this depression, just a feeling that something wasn't right and I was destined to have another miscarriage. Now of course I can't help blaming myself, like I caused it by being so obsessed about it, even though my rational brain knows that is nonsense.

    I am so thankful for my sweet seven year old son, and I keep reminding myself daily that if I had not had the first m/c, I might have some other child instead of him today. But it is little comfort, especially since he has just warmed up to the idea of being a big brother, and has been asking a lot about "our baby"..."How big is our baby now?" .."Can I see a picture of what our baby looks like this week?" etc. I don't even know how to tell him. I am crushed...I only told him because my husband had told so many other family members, and I didn't want him to hear it from someone else before he heard it from me. If I do try again, I will plead with my husband to respect my wish to keep it quiet until the 2nd trimester.

    Thank you for your words of support. The worst part about our pain is that we are not alone in it. It hardly makes me feel better to know that others have been through this. Life is so unpredictable, and at times so unfair...   :*(

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