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Is it possible...

to over feed the baby?? i feel like she is constantly hungry. I give her 3 ounces every 3 hours she barely makes it to the 3rd hour. In between i breast feed her also. Does a baby stop eating when they are full? or will she keep eating if i keep feeding her?

Re: Is it possible...

  • My LC who was ify said they will stop when they are full But it takes 20 min for their tummy to tell them thy are full so to take breaks and walk around, change diapers etc. If you are only giving breast milk I think you will be okay. How old is your LO?
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  • They typically stop when they're full but sometimes they'll eat too much and spit it up. 
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  • I'm actually having the opposite problem, he stops so I thought he was full and it turns out he lost weight! My pediatrician told me as long as he's not spitting up after every meal he's not over eating.
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  • Both my LC and LO's pedi said they don't know when to stop.
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  • We've had a number of experiences with LO stopping mid bottle and being set for 3 hours if we've made too much. We've also seen her suck a bottle completely dry so it's a toss up.
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    I always heard you can't overfeed a bf baby for the most part, but I can't remember where I heard it now so now I don't know from reading pps. But usually if I think he isn't hungry and is just trying to put himself to sleep or his tummy is acting up or hurts, I will try laying him on my shoulder and pat his back,sometimes with a binky, giving him some time to a) fall asleep or b) have pressure on his tummy so it doesn't hurt so much. If he relaxes and goes with it I figure he isn't hungry. If he is still doing the side dive to my boobs after 5 minutes I relatch. 
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  • This is what I do. Im only breast feeding for about another week and a half then I'm going to start pumping so my husband can feed him. But i was told he unlatches himself he is full but then I always try to give him the opinion of the other boob. :-)
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