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DH's family and I are going on a trip this summer to St. Lucia.  We're going to have to take DS's carseat of course, but I was wondering if we needed to take the base too.  Isn't there a way to secure it in the car without the base?  

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  • I would google how to do it but yes at least the 2 carseats I've used can be secured with a seatbelt and no base needed.
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    If your LO still fits in the infant carrier, there is usually a way to use just the seat belt to strap them in. I know that with both of mine I could do that (I never did, but in a pinch it's a possibility).  For the Graco ones there are 2 slots in the plastic on top of the seat near where the baby's legs are that the seatbelt goes through.  You have to make sure the seatbelt is as tight as it can be and in a locked position.  As PP said, refer to your owners manual for how to properly install it.
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  • Yes you can put it in a car without the base. DH and I each have a base in our cars but if my mom ever takes him she just puts the seat belt through the top rungs. You just have to make sure it is really snug and the car seat is at the right level. We use a Graco Click Connect 40. 
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  • We just went back east for my brother's wedding, and we took the stroller and infant car seat for DS.  we use the base in our cars, but you can strap just the car seat in with a seat belt so you don't have to lug the base around.

    if you are flying, they let you gate check the stroller and car seat, having the stroller in the airport was wonderful!

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