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What else with Medela pump?

I registered for the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack and nursing pads.  Is there anything else that I will need with it?  I also registered for the Dr Brown's deluxe gift set of bottles and a drying rack.  Thanks!
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Re: What else with Medela pump?

  • You might want to double check that your insurance company won't pay for your breast pump.  A lot of companies are paying for them with the new healthcare registration.  As far as other nursing related things you might need//want to think about registering for: breastmilk storage bags, replacement valves, nursing tank or two for you.  Other ladies might have more suggestions, but that is what I can think of off the top of my head.
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  • Lanolin,or some other BF safe lubricant. Always have a few spare membranes on hand (the little white discs). The steam bags are nice and can be used at work or at home- some moms use them to transport their pump pieces. You may also want to look into a hands-free pumping bra, I personally LOVE the simple wishes one (can also purchase thru amazon).

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  • Nursing tanks, BM Storage bags, Nursing Pads...

    Like PP said check with your insurance on the pump. 

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    hands free pumping bra (medela makes one)

    storage bags

    be prepared to need different size flanges (the funnels), but a LC can help you with that if you need it.

    I liked the medela microwave steam sterilizer bags for my pump parts

    DD liked the regular medela bottles/nipples which are WAY easier to clean than Dr. Browns.  

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  • You will want to have more than one set of shields, valves and membrane, a set of medelta bottles for storing, breast stoage bags, and a handsfree bra


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  • While I was in the hospital, the medium size that the pump comes with was fine. After a few weeks of pumping, I started to need the large size. The pump kind of makes you swell up after use. 

    Tommy Tippie has these cleansing wipes that come in a green package. You can use them for cleaning off pacifiers and breast pump supplies. I used these at work after pumping. 

    I also bought an extra ice pack for the pump because after 8 hours of overnight use, I needed one for use at work. I bought a handsfree bra from amazon because it was cheaper. After a week, I bought another because they can get pretty messy from the lanolin, so you wash them often. 

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  • I second the simple wishes hands-free bra, it is a must for me.  Another thing you may want is the car adapter for your pump (I don't have this pump, but I'm assuming one is available). 
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