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What's on the bottom of your PnP? I still have it up beside the bed and he sleeps in the elevated position so the floor is about eight inches from the top but he is no longer in the bassinet. I took that out when he outgrew it at eight weeks.
He's rolling over and just like me, prefers his stomach. I worry the sheet is too loose and the mat is too hard. There is no mattress and it didn't come with sheets. I had a changing pad on it before but that's now on the changing table mattress thing where it's supposed to be. I'm not sure what is supposed to be on the PnP. The pics don't show anything but then he'd be on cold poly plastic stuff. It's not a mattress. Just a board I think wrapped with whatever that strong plastic materiel is. What do you guys with PnPs do?


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  • My pnp has a mattress it is a thin foam covering boards that you unfold.
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    My pnp has a mattress it is a thin foam covering boards that you unfold.

    This. Does yours have this? It sounds like you have a fancy one that had all the attatchments. Mine just had the folded mattress, a netted bassinet that snapped onto the top on all 4 sides and 1 sheet. When R was in hers we still had her in the top part but she was nearing the 15 pound weight limit and that was when we moved her.

    When I was buying extra sheets I got ones that were a size smaller so that they were extra snug. I got them from BRU. Whatever is right under a play yard size. OR if they only have pnp/play yard size but them in the dryer a little then put on. This is what I did with that type of mattress though.

    I don't quite get what your LO is sleeping on exactly or what kind of pnp you have. It didn't come with any actual mattress for the bottom?
  • Mine came with a thin, crappy folded mattress, if you want to call it that.  And I bought extra sheets for it.  

    However, be careful with the elevated position.  I just looked this up yesterday and mine has a weight limit of 15lbs.  I have to lower it now.  That elevated position, about 8 " from the top is called the infant bassinet position on my graco.nn 


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  • BRU has quilted pnp sheets that we use.  It's the only way that R will sleep in it.


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  • We used the quilted sheet for the winter but will be switching to the cotton sheets soon. I also put a waterproof pad under the sheet.

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    Mine has a fold up mattress that doesn't seem comfy to me but DD doesn't mind it. Graco sells sheets for them and they fit really good, that's what I use. I'm glad someone posted about the weight and I need to check and see what the limits are for mine.
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    My pnp has a mattress it is a thin foam covering boards that you unfold.

    This. Could you google your brand and see if there are any of those thin mattresses that are compatible that you could buy? 

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    The mattress for the bottom was used up top when I used the bassinet height (not the newborn sleeper, just the pad at the higher position is called bassinet height)....but a few weeks ago we lowered it because DS hit the 15 lb weight limit. I bought a quilted pad for it and a sheet they both fit very snug and I never have any worry that it will bunch up. It's basically all DS has slept in when he wasn't in his RNP with his cold/congestion. I'm trying to transition him to his crib right now, but that isn't going too great....so he mostly sleeps in the PNP.

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  • Ours has a small amount of padding but it is still pretty hard. I just put a regular crib sheet on it. DS slept in it like that from 6-10 weeks when he transitioned to his crib. I haven't used it since and the next time will probably be when he is more mobile.
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    As others have said, I use the Graco Pack n Play sheets.  Many stores make their own generic version of them as well.  I have a couple of the thing cotton sheets and a quilted one as well (that's my favorite).  The "mattress" if you want to call it that is the padded board that wraps around the pack n play when it's folded up to store or take somewhere with you.  I put the sheet on that before I fold it out flat in the bottom of the pack n play.

     On a side note, the weight limit for the elevated height for mine is 15 pounds too.  I had to take it down to the bottom a while ago, but we primarily use our pnp for travel or naps. 

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  • You should use the MamaDoo Kids mattress topper for extra comfort and support. It is awesome! It has the perfect firmness and folds in 3 (great for travel, etc). Good luck!
  • Mine came with a board/mattress that folds. I just bought a better mattress for it.
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