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Hi ladies! I am feeling really torn here. I've always wanted to avoid super popular names for my children. My name is not popular and i always liked that. Anway, I have always planned to use Isabel as a middle name for a daughter, as it was my dear grandmothers name and is very special to me. I am starting to lean towards using it as a first name because i cant seem to find another name that my husband and i both love, but im hesitating because Isabella has pretty much been in the top 5 most popular ranks for the last few years. But I like the idea of naming her Isabel and calling her Izzy. I'm just curious as to what you ladies think? Too popular?
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  • If you love it, I say go for it, especially since it has significance for you.  I would avoid Isabella, though, and stick with Isabel.  Just my two cents for the penny they're worth.

  • It's pretty popular but it does seem to be dropping in popularity. I wouldn't let the popularity of it discourage you especially since you seem to have so much history with the name. Plus, you already know it'll stand the test of time since it was your grandmothers name and its still around!
  • It's a lovely name but just think: Will you be okay with your daughter having a popular name? Will you want to tell people you meet that it's your grandma's name? Will it bother you that she will be associated with the trend? If it honestly won't bother you, great. If you are just pushing stuff under the rug and ignoring the whole popularity thing because you wish it wasn't so, I'd keep searching. 
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  • I think it's a great name and the popularity wouldn't sway me (this coming from a mommy of a Mason ;) )
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  • Too popular for me? Yes.

    But if you love it then use it. It's a lovely name- that's why so many people use it.


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  • If you love it, it is not too popular.
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  • Use it if you love it. 

    If it makes you feel better, it has a bit of an Elizabeth quality about it--it's popular, but timeless and if she ever gets tired of being "Izzy S", there's about a billion other NNs she can choose from 

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  • I prefer Isabel, by far. I think it is a lovely name. So long as her NN isn't Bella. It sounds like you've taken care of that, so I think you'll be good!
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  • image WashingtonQueen:
    Ifnbsp;you love it, it is not too popular.

    I agree!

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  • If you love it and it has meaning use it. I actually haven't heard it lately. Its not popular in my area. Its very pretty.


  • Personally, I have an issue with popularity especially when it comes to girl's name. That said, Isabel is a super pretty, timeless name. If it's THE one, then by all means use it!
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    Isabel is obviously popular, but I don't know any Izzy's. I think it's cute and unique. GO FOR IT!

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  • It is a beautiful name, but my son has two Isabellas in his daycare class (8 kids total!) and one of them is called Izzy.  Go for it if you love it, and are ok with her being Izzy (insert last name initial here).  By the way, I had the same issue when choosing girls names (before finding out I was having a boy).  I love Sophia but I didn't like the idea of her being Sophie B. the rest of her life. 
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  • I love it and the fact that it is a significant name to your family makes me love it even more for you!  I say go for it!  :)

    I love my Scottie and Westie fur babies!

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  • mel1987mel1987
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    Would you be upset if you didn't use it? I knew when I named my daughter Natalie that it was popular, but I love it so much and couldnt imagine not using it.
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    Ladies thank you ladies so much for the input!
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