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Ok so DD is almost 6 months old and I've had the absolute worst experience pumping. After 2 LCs 2 DRs and about a million creams, "butters", lotions, and OTC pain pills it still feels like I have road rash on my nipples, 24/7. So the doctor said that I just have sensitive nips an the only thing that will make it better is if I quit pumping. So I'm sticking it out for a bit longer and hating every minute of it. But, my issue now is... It's becoming even more uncomfortable to pump and I'm seeing what looks like little cuts on my nipples which I have determined to be broken blood vessels. Obviously from the strong pulling on them. Easy fix, turn down the sucktion, right? I wish. As it is, it's taking me 40 min to empty both breasts with a medela double electic pump, and if I turn it down it takes even longer. I already feel like all I do is pump so i don't want to do it for longer. Any thoughts?

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  • Maybe go up a size on the flanges? Are you applying some sort of cream or oil before and after you pump? I use the lansinoh lanolin each time I pump, it makes it much more comfortable.

    I'm sorry! I hope someone has a solution for you!



  • Yea I did go up a size, and I tried them and they were a bit too big I think bc it was taking longer to get milk out. And yup, right now I'm putting on earth mama angel baby nipple butter on before pumping. I've also used motherlove nipple cream and straight olive oil as well as lanolin and breast milk. I've even tried lanocaine spray, I washed it off before pumping, plus it didn't really work anyway. Lol
  • Sorry to hear about your discomfort - hard to say exactly how to solve that issue.

    Because advice quality and focus can differ so much between 'regular' LCs (MANY of whom are very knowledgable/helpful/amazing) and among docs (who have extremely variable experience/training with respect to breastfeeding), it might be helpful (if you're willing and haven't already seen one) to seek out an IBCLC [int'l board-certified LC] - you can search for them near you at: ;

    In terms of the time you're requiring to empty your breasts ... perhaps using the "hands-on" pumping technique (if you haven't already) will speed things up?


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