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Ok Mamas...who's doing it or gonna do it? I just got mine in the mail and DH and I are starting Monday. I'm totally nervous...I mean, I'm athletic and I've been working out once I was cleared after DS2 but I'm excited and scared!! I tell myself that I can do it, but maybe if I heard from other Mamas it would help my nerves!!

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Re: Insanity

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    I've completed 4 rounds of Insanity actually - it is my most favourite workout program ever! Don't be scared at all - it's definitely hard but thousands of people have done it before, many people have gotten through it and were over 250lbs to start so if they can do it, you can do it. For them, it just took them a little longer to get the results they wanted, but they survived :D

    I dunno if it'll help you but I know seeing other people's results helped me so here are my before and after pics - this is me doing 2 rounds. I did the first 60 days and I was so pumped I did it all over again LOL - crazy I know. Of course this is before getting BFP. I kept it up for most of the first tri and into the second tri, but I've had to cut back because 1) my belly is totally in the way and 2) I have SPD now so any type of agressive movement means I can't walk well for a couple of days. I'm dying to get back into it, I can't wait until I get my 6 weeks clearance once little Peanut arrives :)

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  • I've done a few rounds of it and use it regularly to complement marathon training. I LOVE it! I'm still trying to trudge my way through Pure Cardio at 38 weeks pregnant. The rest of it is absolutely off the table ;)


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  • I'm planning on busting out Insanity as soon as I pop! I regularly did Insanity on nights I couldn't make the long drive to the gym. I've got my meal plan all ready to go too! I'm getting excited! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze back into my bikini by LO's 1st birthday since we'll probably be having it up at the lake!
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    Does insanity come with a meal plan??? And is it and hour 6 days a week?
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