Top 10 Most annoying questions

This article totally nails it.  What else have you ladies heard?


For me the most annoying one is

"they don't look anything alike" - yes, hence the not identical part

and when DH and I are out together (our girls are basically mini-mes of each of us) - "one for each of you" - yes, except he didnt do the pregnancy, labor, pushing them out, nursing all night long thing.



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Re: Top 10 Most annoying questions

  • This isn't a question, but when I told the sample lady at the grocery store that my twins aren't identical, she made a face like "aw, that's a shame" Really?!
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  • This past weekend I had a busboy ask if they were twins. I said yes. He then asked if they were the same age.

    This is what I felt like doing:

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  • image Jessica614:

    This past weekend I had a busboy ask if they were twins. I said yes. He then asked if they were the same age.

    This is what I felt like doing:

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    I had the exact same conversation a few months back. What is wrong with people? 

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  • Along the 'Do twins run in your family?' and 'Did you take fertility drugs?'  I keep getting:

    "Are they natural?"

    Really?  wth?


  • I always get...

    Who's older?  I'm always like...uh, they're one?  Then I say...well he's a minute older.

    Are they twins?  Yes.  How many months apart are they? since they were born on the same day.

    Which is the boy?  Considering one is in a skirt and wearing pink...I'm going to go with the one wearing blue and in pants?  Now mind you, my kids actually look like their gender and I'm not just saying that.  Anthony *really* looks like a boy and Ashleigh *really* looks like a girl.

    One brown eyes, one blue eyes?  Nope.  I put contacts in one of them because it was easier to tell them apart with different color eyes.  I did it to their skin too.  I tan the boy because it's easier to tell them apart if one is really pale and the other is tan.  (Anthony is olive skinned like his dad) 

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  • My husband always answers the "girls?" question with "no, unicorns" - shuts people right up


    We welcomed our girls on 11.7.12 @ 40w0d!
    Emerson Lily 6 lbs 13 oz & Ellis Willow 6 lbs 9 oz

  • AB87AB87
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    My MFM asked me if they were spontaneous. I guess that's the word they use when you don't have fertility treatment but it sounded strange to me.

    Are they identical? After I have told them they are a boy and a girl. I actually had a patient that I was taking care of argue with her SO about boy/girl twins being identical. She was arguing that they could be.
  • AB87 - Yes spontaneous is the right term and not natural. As natural implies that there could be unnatural babies. 

    To be honest - until I got pregnant I thought B/G could be identical besides the whole penis and vagina thing. 

    I just can't get why strangers can't tell boys from girls if their are in girly colors or clothes versus not. But strangers get that wrong with singletons too. SMH


    My annoying question/statement is: Oh, they are identical! No, no they aren't. (Brown vs Blue eyes, different face shapes, different skin tones, different builds.... ) Are you sure?! Yep, I'm sure that I know that much about my twin boys..


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  • ceechieceechie
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    My friend who was prego with twins had a neighbor who specifically pulled her aside one day to tell her about twin telepathy and that twins can talk to dolphins. I was laughing so hard I came close to peeing myself I'm also 30 weeks along, so I am always close to peeing myself. I kinda wanna meet this guy....
  • Most annoying for me, but not really a question is:  "Oh identical twins! How great! You can just get both of them out of the way at once!" 

    As if they're already assuming we only wanted 2 kids.  WTF, keep your mind off my uterus, just because we're having twins now doesn't mean we won't have more children in the future.

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  • Number 10 on that article is probably the most annoying one so far.  Everyone seems to ask how do you do it.  Well let's see cause I have so many options. The other day was not a good day for me and someone in the grocery store stopped me while J was fussing as I was pushing the dsng and pulling the cart just trying to get out of there.  So yes a prime time to stop me for questions.  She asked how do you do it and I just looked at her with a blank stare and said "I just do".  What I wanted to say was what choice do I have but to just figure it out.  I think that is the dumbest question.

    Also some of you might remember a while back I was at target and an older lady approached me and did the whole are the twins thing.  Then she pointed at J (left in siggy photo) and said she felt sorry for him.  I thought she was going to follow that with he is so much chubbier or something a bit more forgivable but no she pointed at S and said S is so much cuter than his brother.  I am still amazed I didn't swing. 

    My SO went out with us one day and asked me if people really stop me that much and I said when I am alone it is so much worse. 


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  • image Jessica614:
    This past weekend I had a busboy ask if they were twins. I said yes. He then asked if they were the same age.This is what I felt like doing:image [URL=]GIFSoup[/

    ive gotten that comment a few times! Lol i just kind of give them a blank stare like duh! Lol i think they mean to ask which one was born first .... at least i hope thats what they mean! :p
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  • I've been told my twins aren't "real twins" because we're fairly certain they aren't ID. 
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  • I get all of the above but my current gripe is when people don't believe that my babies are twins. Although they were exactly the same weight and size at birth my DS is currently about 4 pounds bigger than my DD. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I need people to believe that they are twins but it's annoying that people would question me as if I am making it up. They will often point at Sam and say something like, "but he's bigger" or "he looks older". What's so hard to grasp here? They are different genders and I'm 5'5" while my husband is 6'2". Our babies are unique people. Not all twins have to be identical for goodness sake! It also makes me wonder how long these people thing babies have to gestate for. Even if they weren't twins in order for them to appear so close in age I would have had to get pregnant with DD while about 2 months pregnant with DS. I don't think that's how it works.

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  • Our twins aren't here yet but the comments and questions have already begun. We went to dinner the other night and the bartender (small town, local watering hole/restaurant/gossip station is a usual dining destination) asked how far along I was. I told her almost 5 months. She continued to look me up and down and asked what I was having. Uh, babies? A friend told her twins and her response was oh! I thought you just hadn't recovered from having your son. He's almost 2 and yes, I dropped ALL 60 lbs I gained from him.

    On another note, did you all know that I will have my hands full and will be busy with a toddler and twins? No kidding? Oh and there is no way I will make my due date. They will be here mid-August at the latest because  twins always come way early. FYI due date is September 16th, Dr is fully confident I'll make the 1st week of September and we will do a c-section. I need to wait at least till August 25th at the earliest so I can attend my BIL's wedding August 24th. I don't want tiny New ones in the August heat around 400+ people in a corn field. If they are that early chances are we won't be home anyway. Why can't people be supportive of that hope? Don't tell me I am crazy and it won't happen! It's always older women and men offering the most "helpful" advice too! Grrrrrrr sorry for the ranting, I'm sore, tired and hormonal!

  • I'm expecting twins in October but told to be prepared for mid September.  I have to say that I must start working on my blank stare face because the dumb a** questions are bound to pour in.

     I admit, the attention is nice but when something stupid comes out of someone's mouth, I don't have time for that.  Like for Mother's day this year, as a mother to be, I liked being included in the well wishes but to have quite a few people say "Just think...this time next year, the babies will be here."

     Really, cause I thought pregnancy was supposed to be around 40 weeks, not a year!! Of course, the babies will be here...hello?

     Just saying.  Congrats all.

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