Kind of a ramble..

Hello again! I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to everyone who replied to my post the other night. I'm a FTM and this bfing thing is so foreign to me and we were having so much trouble. I never did make it back online to actually reply to the posts.

Anywho, LO is 4 days old today and I am already exclusively pumping. On mobile, but insert sadface here!. She just would. not. latch. It was stressing us both out so bad and no one was getting any sleep, she was hungry all the time, and I felt like a huge failure as a mother. So as long as she's getting breast milk, I am ok with bottles I guess!

Anyone else start pumping this early? I really have no idea how much she should actually be eating. We will talk about it at her pedi appt Friday, but for now I am giving her an ounce every 3 hours. She stays satisfied and is having enough wet and dirty diapers, so I'm not going to worry too much about it right now.

I am not even sure if my milk is "in". I don't know how much I should expect to be able to pump or what changes signal this happening. I did start taking fenugreek and drinking mothers milk tea today.

No real point to this post other than to say hi and check in. I admire every single mom who breast feeds. I truly did not realize how much of a challenge it would be!
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Re: Kind of a ramble..

  • Are you working with an LC? If not I would call immediately.  I pumped early with DS but I can't really pump with DD.  hang in there and congrats!

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  • I have been pumping since day 1 because DS was in the NICU and couldn't feed for a few days. If your milk is in, it will start changing from a yellow tone to more of a white tone. The first week I was pumping between 2-4oz/session, but as long as you're keeping up with LO, I wouldn't worry. DS was taking 2oz every 3-4hrs in the NICU, but he was 9lbs. As long as she's satisfied keep doing what you're doing!


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    Keep pumping if you're having trouble latching, but my advice is don't give up on breast feeding yet. You're only 4 days in. I had a NICU baby for the first week and so I had to pump in the beginning. I'd say it took about 3 to 4 full weeks before we truly got the hang of it. I felt the same way about it being so stressful, so I promised myself I would try nursing 1 or 2 times per day and eventually as he got older and more efficient, things got easy. I also worked with a LC.
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  • I also wanted to chime in and say don't give up on BFing yet. My DS also wouldn't latch in the beginning (he would just scream bloody murder whenever I tried), so I ended up EPing from the start. I started trying to latch him again here and there after a few weeks and when he was 4 weeks he latched on perfectly one day and we haven't looked back. I guess maybe he just needed to grow a bit? Now we just give a bottle of pumped milk a day to keep him used to the bottle.

    Make sure to pump whenever LO feeds to make sure your supply gets established and to make sure you don't start getting blocked ducts.

    If you want to try putting LO to the breast again, I'd suggest trying when LO is hungry but not too hungry, that's what seemed to work for us. BFing is soooo much easier than EPing, so keep trying, it's totally worth it if you can make it work!

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  • Thank you guys! It really makes me feel better to know there's hope that we actually might be able to nurse again. I have seen the LC at the hospital but she WAS doing ok until we came home. I'm not sure what happened. She's so tiny and my boobs are pretty big so I don't know if it's that or what. Just out of curiosity, I tried it again tonight and she did the same thing, just screamed. I was actually wondering if it would just take her growing a little bit and being a little more mature. I won't give up on it yet!
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