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Carly Marie's Birth

Thanks to some previous ugliness on the board, I pretty much jumped ship and GBCB'd. However, there are some amazing ladies here who I know were wanting to know when Carly arrived.  Our birth photographer just finished the slide show, so I'll post the link.  She arrived on April 19 at 2:05 PM, weighing 6.5 pounds and 18.5 inches long.  I still check the board and have read all the amazing birth stories out there...congratulations to all the April Moms!  


One of my best friends ("B") offered to be our surrogate, and we're now expecting a baby in April 2013 after two cycles of natural IUI at the Jones Institute. For medical reasons, we are not biologically related to our unborn child. Yes, I guess that makes this a "planned adoption."

Waiting for our Miracle Baby, Carly Marie, Due April 24, 2013!

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