eliminating gas or reducing

Tell me what you took out of your diet that got rid of gas in LO??

If I give up something now how long before it's out of my milk???

 I've eliminated dairy except for cream in my coffee.  One thing I have been eating a lot of is raisins.  Could that do it????

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Re: eliminating gas or reducing

  • Veggies give DS horrible, up all night screaming gas so I stopped eating them and take a really good multivitamin for now. I slowly reintroduced a few veggies to see how he did a found that squash, zucchini and asparagus don't affect him as much so that is what I eat for now. It is not ideal and I have to watch my other foods to get the nutrients we need but that is so much better than seeing him in pain.
  • Bio Gaia the probiotic really helped our LO. You could just swab it on your nipple before feeding? It has no taste. I did not eliminate any foods.
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