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Long stretches during the day but NOT at night?

I'm tired. Little man seems to be stretching out his feedings during the day but is up like clock work every 2 hours from 10pm-6am. It frustrating. 

Anyone else dealing with this? He will be 4 weeks on Sat. Feel free to tell me to shut the hell up and enjoy it. I tell myself over and over during the MOTN feedings that it'll be over before i know it and he'll be running circles around me. BUT still I need sleep! Oy!  

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Re: Long stretches during the day but NOT at night?

  • instead of letting bsby stretch feedings out, Can you try to feed more during the day to try to reverse things a little? I am more than happy to feed every 2 hours during the day if it buys me some sleep at night.
  • He gained almost 2lbs from birth to his 2 week check up so they said not to wake him anymore but I think I am going to anyways. I just did and he isn't a happy camper! 
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  • Even though the pedi told you not to wake him I would do it anyways. I wake my daughter up (she's 3 weeks old) every 2 hrs throughout the day. I will do a diaper change first because she usually needs one and it helps to wake her up so she's a more effecient eater. She sleeps anywhere from 2 to 4 hr stretches at night whereas before she was waking up every hour and staying awake.
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  • I had this problem the first few days. I just woke her up every 2 hrs during the day. Give her a bath around 7, fed her, then feed her another time before I go to bed. She would sleep about 4 hrs, now she's 3 wks and sleeps from 10pm3304am
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  • My cousins wife has breastfed 5 children and the only advise she felt I needed was to always feed a baby every 2 hours during the day until they're sleeping 6+ hours last night. I did it with DS1 and although he was a terrible sleeper, it did help to stretch his nighttime sleep. So far it's working great for DS2 who sleeps two four hour chunks at night and seems to want to stretch to five hours but my boobs can't wait that long. 
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  • My sister in law woke her baby up every 3 hours during the day and by the time my niece was 4 weeks, she was sleeping the whole night. Somewhere from 10-8! I just don't know what I'd do because my DD has days where she sleeps in 2 hr intervals and days where its 3 hr intervals. But otherwise waking them up at some point seems to work!
  • I would wake him during the day every 2-3 hours or so, and see if he resets his own night time for you...
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    It is fairly normal for newborns to have days and nights mixed up. when in utero, your walking and movements thru the day lulled them to sleep, and your trying to sleep at night woke them up from the stillness and they'd kick your bladder til you got up and moved around and went to the bathroom . --So to get them switched around so your life isn't so 'HARD' you need to get them to eat more often during the day and wake more frequently. --so keep days noisy, bright and busy, wake to feed every 2-3 hours, definitely don't let them sleep 3-4 hours during the day(even though it seems great cause then at least you can get some sleep, eh?) --then at night, don't wake to feed. maybe after 4-6 hours if they haven't eaten 8-10 times in the whole day. --keep things quiet, simple, and dark. --the light of tv or your electronics or the sound of you singing lullabyes even may be too much stimulation at least at first til you get their days and nights switched around. --also first thing in the am when you want their day to start, take them outside and get some sunlight on the retina. it helps to reset internal clocks for world travelers, it should help baby too.


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