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Is there anyone else who decided at their PP appointment that they were not going to use bc?

A little back story DH and I want 4 kids and are already 29. I am not tracking temps like I did to get pregnant the first time, but my cycles were never consistent (anywhere between 35-80 days long) plus I'm pumping/nursing so we don't even know how long before my cycles will regulate to get pregnant anyway.

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Re: birth control

  • I went Monday and I didn't get BC. She said technically I was ok if I am BFing but to use condoms while BFing if we really didnt want another baby soon. I did request info on an implant so I might do that later.
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    I didn't after my first. I knew we were going to start trying again when he was about 8 months old so I didn't want to go on the pill to get right off. My first PP periods were wayyyy wacky but settled down after that.


  • We opted not to go on bc. I've never been on it and we tried for 2.5 yrs before getting pregnant with this baby, out first.

    We want to start trying again when he's 1 year so I didn't want to start and get off of it so soon since I didn't know how my body would react.

    We'll just use condoms for now since I can still get pregnant before we're ready even though im bf/pumping and not getting my period yet.
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  • I didn't either.  My Dr said the mini pill doesn't always work.  I supplement so who knows when my cycle will start again.  The dr said to use condoms which DH is way against (yeah I know, you don' have to say anything). We don't do the deed very often due to our different schedules so I figure if it happens it happens.  I would like to wait a while before having another LO but if I do get pregnant sooner rather then later I guess it is fate

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