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Hi from the May 2013 board - Question about membrane sweeping

If you had your membranes swept and it worked, how soon after did you go into labor.  I know some could be coincidence, but if you think it gave you that extra push, how long was it?  I'm 40w2d today, I have an appt tomorrow.  If I'm dilated more (I've been 1cm, 50%, -3) since my check at 36w4d, I was considering asking to have my membranes swept.  I asked my OB about it a week or two ago and he said I wasn't even dilated enough for him to get up in there and do it.  I know I can't really control when baby comes, I'm ok with him coming when he's ready, but I'd rather not go into labor this weekend when he'll be out of town (he's in a practice with 3 others, but they don't rotate unless your doc is out during your appt) and DH and I have a really good relationship with my OB.  I'm hoping for a VBAC.  I've read that normally if it works, it'll work within 24 hours (so I'd be in labor by Friday), but I'm not sure how accurate this is. 

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Re: Hi from the May 2013 board - Question about membrane sweeping

  • It'll work if your body if your body is already geared up to into labor. I was still 1 cm at 41 weeks and nothing was changing or improving. They could not even do a sweep. I Was induced at 42 weeks and had a really hard labor because of it
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  • I had my membranes swept at 40w (last Thursday) and nothing has changed. If you're body isn't ready, then it's most likely not going to do anything. FWIW, my doc couldn't do a good sweep b/c I was only 1cm, 80%, -3 as well. He said he got some, but not all swept. Something to consider since we're at about the same point progress wise. Not sure how accurate that 24-hour window is either.

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  • I was 3cm at 38 weeks, got mine swept and went into labor the next day. Like pp said, your body needs to be already geared up for labor
  • I know nothing will work if your body isn't ready, just wondering if it did work for some, how quickly.  I don't mind waiting until Monday, but if we get to Monday I'll probably have a RCS, instead of the VBAC we've been planning on (I'm fine waiting, everyone else, not so much and I'm not STRONGLY opposed to giving him until 41w instead of 42w).  Just wondering if I want to take the risk (if I've progressed enough for him to try) that if it works it'll work soon enough.  One of the OB's that could be on call is just very dry, the other I just don't really care for.  There's another OB there that I like (the only female in the practice), but she's currently out on maternity leave.  I'm a surrogate and the parents are more than a little anxious to meet their baby, and IM (intended mother) is/was really hoping to have her baby this Mother's Day.

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  • I was only 1cm and about 50% at 40 weeks and they did a sweep for me. They said they'd do the sweep for anyone who was overdue and I was due the day before my appointment. I felt crampy the remainder of the day, a lot of mucus discharge the following day and then on the next day my water broke and I went into labor. Hope it works for you!
  • Nothing to add but I wanted to commend you on being a surrogate. Hope your next appt shows you've made progress!

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