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Beach Tent?

Hi All!

I am in the market to purchase a tent for the beach this summer. LO will be 4 months when we go, but I hope this tent will last many years and more LOs in the future...
 so I am looking for the following:
1) generous in size so that more than 1 child can play inside (and an adult, too)
2) privacy (ie a "door/flap" that closes up for naps, nursing, changing
3) shade and ventilation...
4) not too heavy, easy set-up, etc.
and 5) doesn't cost a fortune. Ideally under $75 I'll say.

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Re: Beach Tent?

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  • kegkeg
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    I don't have any specific recommendations, but I have seen some at Costco/Sam's.  If you belong to a wholesale club I would check them out because they tend to be pretty affordable.  I think we got one at Costco a couple years ago that was maybe $35ish (I could be wrong though).  We haven't used it yet though...the last two beach trips we just used our beach umbrella from Sam's, but we also didn't have an infant. 
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  • we've gone through a couple b/c we live near the ocean - i love the "one step ahead' pop up tent the most - bought it used off of craigslist for 30 I think.  The best is being able to take it out of the backpack and just toss it in the air and whamo tent is up - all you have to do is stake it.  The ones that use real tent poles are a huge PITA b/c after lugging all the stuff from the car, with one, two or three kids, now you need to assemble the damn thing - it's so annoying.  However, the take down process is way easier.  My dh (four years of having these tents now) STILL cannot properly close and put away the pop up tent - it is a skill.  He has driven home with the tent fully popped in the back of the minivan - lol!  I'd also recommend you not get one with a plastic floor - there really is no point in it b/c you are definitely going to get sand in there anyway - only now its hot, sticky sand on plastic - yuck.  I like the open bottom ones and just put blankets/towels down.  Then, when LO gets to the point of wanting to dig in the sand but not be in the sun - pull the blanket up.  Wow - this is way longer than I thought it would be - who knew I was so opinionated on sun tents?!? :)
  • We've been looking at different ones on eBay and will be purchasing one soon. They seem to have an okay selection!
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