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I'm a neurotic mess..

It must have been me...

DS hasn't fallen asleep in weeks on his own in his swing. He has been demanding naps while being held and would wake up instantly if you put him down. Thankfully he never had issues at night.

I just put him in his swing today. He fussed for a bit, but just fell asleep. I came to the conclusion that this whole falling asleep on me was my fault. He is perfectly capable of falling asleep in his swing. So I did a happy dance, then started to cry. Yeesh. Honestly these past few weeks, all I feel is like I spend all day trying to get this darned kid to sleep. And I don't know why I didn't let him just fuss it out before.  

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Re: I'm a neurotic mess..

  • I realized this week that I've been over stimulating her and missing her tired cues.  She would sleep for 10-30 minutes max.  Now she's napping for hour stretches.  I was basically making her hyper.
  • Awe, don't feel bad. My mom has told me numerous times that having a baby is all just a bunch of guesswork. I've missed some really obvious things too.
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  • Drea926Drea926
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    I'm the same way! I will figure something out weeks later and be like, oh duh! I can't believe I missed that!


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  • SagenSagen
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    Don't worry you will go through his whole life trying things out, figuring out what works. Just when you think you have everything down pat they go and change on you :)
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  • Pretty much every day I feel like I'm dropping the ball at this motherhood thing. And when my son looks at me, I feel like he's saying, "Geez, you don't have a clue what you're doing, do you?" I was just saying this to my husband today. It's so daunting most of the time, and whatever I end up doing, I feel like it ended up being the wrong choice. I hope it gets better as we get to know each other more and more, because it sure is a lonely, depressing feeling.
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    Tons of highs and lows...absolutely. I felt like I was doing something bad by letting DS sleep on me. But it felt so good and he slept so good on me! The past few weeks I've been trying to get him to nap in his crib or packnplay in the living room and I'm never sure if I'm doing it right or what works best. Swaddle? One arm out? No swaddle? Rock to sleep? Or put him down drowsy and let him put himself to sleep?
    Glad to hear others question the same thing and aren't necessarily on a perfect napping schedule!
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