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Kinda BR, creepy or sweet

There was a guy hired right after me who recently left the company. I've been trying to clear out his phone and came across DD's birthday listed in there. At first I was a little iffy, but now I think it's sweet. He's the type of guy that always wishes everyone a happy birthday.  I feel like we sort of grew up together while working here and I was pretty sad that he left. He's one of the most anal people I have ever met, but he was a big CYA type person.

Re: Kinda BR, creepy or sweet

  • The way you describe him makes him sound like the type of person who wishes everyone a happy birthday so long as he happens to find out when it is. I know someone like that. I can tell her when a friend's birthday is and even if she never meets that friend she'll tell me to wish them a happy birthday every year, lol.

    // I love you too. //

  • If he's not showing up at your house with large presents for her...  I think it's sweet.  If he's a "CYA" kind of guy, he's probably big into documentation which is what this seems to be.  Sorry you guys lost someone you actually kinda liked.

    He couldn't take the idiot with him?


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  • Awww, I think it's sweet.  I probably also would have been a little surprised at first, but it sounds like he's just a nice guy. 
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  • I am that guy. No, really. I keep pretty much all of my coworkers' birthdays and anniversaries in my Outlook calendar. And I also have some of their kids and or spouses in there as well.

    Sorry you lost someone who seemed actually valuable to the company and enjoyable, too.
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    Farewell, nesticle, you will be missed
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  • eesomeeesome
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    Sweet. Not creepy.

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