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For those of us who haven't had our babies - what do are you excited to eat/drink?

Those of you that have already had your babies, keep your bragging to yourself Wink.

What are the rest of us looking forward to when we're not pg anymore? 

Me, alcohol and pizza.  I'm not a big drinker, but I love a mixed/frozen drink and I've had none this pg.  With my previous pg's I was told to keep it to a minimum but my OB didn't care if I had a sip here or there.  This time around I've treated this pg as the IP's (intended parents) would've, so I've not had a taste and I have a frozen daiquiri and frozen bahama mama taunting me in the freezer. 

As far as the pizza, I've been craving a super cheesy pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, my heartburn has been so out of control even without adding anything that can make it worse, I'm too terrified to chance it.  I tried Prevacid, I've gone through Tums like they're going out of style, I try to sleep elevated, and my heartburn is worse this pg than my other 2.  I told the parents that 1.) there may have been a mix up at the RE's office and they may be having a baby that's 1/2 monkey, 2.) this kid BETTER have a full head of hair (they were both bald babies).  Of course both were said in a joking fashion, no snark.

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Re: For those of us who haven't had our babies - what do are you excited to eat/drink?

  • I have been craving a margarita and sushi!  
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  • Wine, beer, raw sushi, Italian hoagie and chicken. I've had a chicken aversion my entire pregnancy. I miss it so much! I really hope the aversion goes away quickly after baby is here!

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  • A big glass of wine and just the ability to sleep on my belly even if it only for 2 hour stretches :) I will hopefully get released from the hospital on Mothers Day so I told my hubby to have a glass of wine waiting on me when I get home!
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  • Coffee, oysters and to dye my hair again. But not all at once!
  • April!April!
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    I want an iced triple espresso from Starbucks. I get them in the summer and with the warm weather arriving I have been wanting one so bad! I have been drinking coffee but that's probably too much right now.

     On the non-food total TMI side, I am looking forward to being able to wipe my butt without serious contortions. I am this close to asking my husband for help! 

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  • Can't wait to sleep on my back, have a beer, get back to hardcore workouts, and get rid of all the excess water that is making me swell like a balloon!
  • Sleeping on my stomach!! Beer.
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  • An ice cold beer and a large glass of red!
  • I'm not a big drinker either but I'm craving a margarita. I can't wait until Memorial Day, that's the day I'll be able to finally have one.


  • I can't wait to workout hard again.  I want to go for a jog so bad I can almost feel the burn.  I also would like a cocktail of any sort.  I love cocktails when the weather is nice with a nice outside dinner.  I hope I can still get a least one in before TX heat takes over. 
  • image Nora1985:
    Can't wait to sleep on my back, have a beer, get back to hardcore workouts, and get rid of all the excess water that is making me swell like a balloon!

    Ah, I forgot about the swelling.  Yes I'll be happy to be able to wear my wedding ring again, or heck any jewelry.  I took all of my jewelry out weeks ago because I know if I ended up wit a c/s for any reason they can make you take off any jewelry and I didn't want to worry about it getting lost.  I also miss wearing heels, I had to finally retire them a few weeks ago.

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  • Oh goodness, what I wouldn't give to sit outside eating a nice grilled dinner and sipping a beer (or two!!).

    I haven't limited any food that I wouldn't avoid anyway this pg, but I haven't been able to eat much at one sitting.  So it will be nice to go out to eat and be able to enjoy more than 1/4 of my meal without suffering!!

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  • MrsNM30MrsNM30
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    A nice glass of white wine, a frozen margarita, hot dogs and cold cuts! The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is sleeping on my belly again...oh how I miss those days!  
  • JoJo716JoJo716
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    Sleeping on my stomach! 

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  • A bottle of wine (that's right, screw just having a glass), and eating anything at all without having to worry about acid reflux. Dear baby Jesus, please let the reflux go away when this baby comes out.
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  • I can't wait for a monster mean bean and I'd love to have some sushi

  • I'm excited for a nice glass of red, and champagne.  I've also been craving buffalo wing sauce but have been on a low sodium diet due to high blood pressure.
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  • A summer shandy! Seeing all the commercials for it has been torture!

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  • I've barely been able to workout this entire pregnancy, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into a routine and shedding the 50 pounds I've put on this pregnancy! I've gained 10pounds in water weight due to swelling in my legs just in the last two weeks alone! Insert mobile sad face

    I'm also looking forward to a margarita or glass of Sangria! Yum!
  • Spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread... Haven't been able to do it because of heartburn... And sangria!

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  • Wine.  Wine. and Wine. 

    Seriously, I miss wine.

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  • blush64blush64
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    Real sushi. I plan on eating a lot of it ASAP. Other than that, nothing. 

    I love seeing all the labour and birth stories and baby pictures and I'm not quite ready to stop being pregnant although I know I have little say in that.

  • I have GD so I am even more limited to what I can have. Thus, I have a list I've been drooling over of things I want: raw sushi, champagne, pinot noir, margarita, a donut, a fresh baguette, an iced chai tea latte from Starbucks, pasta carbonara, white rice and some good milk chocolate! 

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  • rsage53rsage53
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    WINE!!!!!  I have also been really wanting a margarita :)  Not too long now!
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  • I'm definitely in the minority....I dont touch alcohol, so it's not even on my radar  =)

    I want a huge cold turkey sub.  I want it so badly, that is what I'm sending hubby to get for my first hospital meal. 

    And I want to be able to bend over again.  And sleep on my stomach or back. 


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  • I am craving a subway turkey, ham, and roast beef sandwhich!  I told my husband that after baby is born he better have it waiting for me :)
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  • D&S724D&S724
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    Where do I begin? Wine, beer, cold cuts, imported cheeses, hot dogs, and a nice, big iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks are on my list! Oh, and to sleep on my stomach again.
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  • image corkietn:
    A bottle of wine (that's right, screw just having a glass).

    How I feel exactly! Wine is definitely what I miss the most.  Beyond that, a real workout, sleeping without having to find the perfect spot for my belly, and less bathroom trips.

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  • Any frozen alcoholic mixed drink, white wine, sleeping on my tummy, coloring my hair, walking without waddling, WEARING REGULAR CLOTHES!! I refuse to look at another tent dress, tunic of pair of leggings.... I'm such a fashionista I normally would have my spring summer wardrobe together by now, but all I can do is look and window shop right now :-(
  • emmy236emmy236
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    I want to go to a restaurant and order like I used to. Anything on the happy hour list at the local bar. I've already missed every fall, winter and spring seasonal beer so summer microbrews are needed. I'd love a nice seared tuna with a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc. A real deli rare roast beef sub. Not Subway but like a real Jewish or Italian deli. The smells got to me so I didn't even venture in in months.
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