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Birth story..kinda late and long

Technically I'm a May mommy but I was with the April board for so long so I do feel like I belong here.

Short version: My due date was April 28 and Tristan Alexander was born on May 1 after 24 hours of labor through emergency c-section, 7lbs and 20.4''.

Long version: Initially I planned on gentle hypnobirthing and did a lot of mental and physical (oh well, breathing, walking, etc) preparation. But nothing went according to my birth plan. My contractions started on April 30 at 10.30 pm with very intense back pain and progressed pretty quickly. So, I figured out it wasn't false alarm and decided to time them. They were 7-10 min apart lasting 1 min. Meanwhile my husband was out for a drink with his friends. He came home around 12 am and I let him sleep for a while I was bouncing on the birthing ball. By 5 am cntx were very intense coming every 4-5 min, so I woke up my husband and we headed to the hospital.

I was only 2cm when we arrived at the hospital but my back pain was so severe they admitted us. In a couple of hours I was 4cm and my back labor was so bad that I caved in for epidural despite my "natural" intentions. Besides, my doctor checked me and it turned out the baby was sunny side up. It took me overall 22 hours to progress to 10cm, by that time I developed a few complications: high fever and baby's HR was dropping with every cntx. Then my dr suggested c-section if baby's HR wouldn't improve. I was very scared and miserable. Dr checked me last time and I was 10cm and baby turned back to the normal position so we decided to try and push. I pushed for an hour and a half and then my uterus just stopped contracting..I don't think I experienced anything like that fear before. They tried oxytocin but nothing worked so I ended up having an emergency c-section.

My husband was with me in the OR and even put the baby on my chest as soon as pediatrician assessed him. Poor guy was all covered in meconium. His apgar wasn't bad at all though: 7 and 9. Everybody is doing great now and I'm blessed everything turned out ok and the baby is safe. On the downside, I wasn't mentally prepared for the c-section and I'm still recovering from such birth experience but at the end of the day it only matters that everything is ok with baby and me. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Re: Birth story..kinda late and long

  • Adorable. I labored 23 hours followed by a c section...I was so upset but once I heard our baby cry and saw her nothing else mattered. Enjoy!
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