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How do I get my baby to sleep more?

He sleep really well at night for a EBF baby, but doesn't always an enough.  I was reading today that he should sleep twice as long as me; so I would assume 14-16 hours?  DS averages around twelve.  The other day we had 14 hours our of him and he didn't fuss the entire day.  Today I barely got 11 hours out of him and he was super fussy.  How do i get him to sleep more, any tricks?
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Re: How do I get my baby to sleep more?

  • Do you put him down for a nap only when he looks tired? How often and how long does he nap?
  • Really watch for the tired cues. Yawning, rubbing eyes, glassy eyes, fussiness are all signals to put baby down for a nap, especially if they have been awake and active for an hour and a half to two hours. Babies really shouldn't be awake longer than two hours at this age. I always hold DD sideways against my tummy with a paci and walk and bounce around my house in circles. She's out like a light in 5 minutes and then I put her in her crib. Just have to find your routine!
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  • I've been using my swing to add in one more nap during the day.  He had been fine without it but was going 5-6 hours in the evening without sleeping!  He doesn't sleep much longer - maybe an extra half hour.  We average around 14 hours of sleep each day.

    Agree to watch carefully for the sleep cues.  Some of them are subtle and easy to miss.



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