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8 random things about your SO

Just for fun ... we are learning our own guilty pleasures and lil secrets... what about our SO's?

1. He can't pass up one of those claw machines without trying to win something

2. He is an amazing incredible cook

3. He won't admit it, but he knows all the teen moms by name

4. He is a fraternal twin, she is an OB/GYN

5. He's shaved his head for the last 20 years, I don't think I remember him with hair

6. Until last year he said he didn't want "to bring a kid into this world"

7. He loves to dance at weddings ( I suck at dancing)

8. He gives the most amazing backrubs




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Re: 8 random things about your SO

  • 1. He's training to be a chef at a really nice resort, but only just started cooking less than two years ago.

    2. He is very sensitive. He ended up being the one crying at baby commercials when I was pregnant.

    3. He wants 5 kids.

    4. He has a serious love hate relationship with being a blonde. He hates how it looks on himself, but he is obsessed with all blonde male celebrities.

    5. He's a coffee snob.

    6. FI is literally the only person who likes his mustache... It looks horrible, and he even shaved it off for my birthday. But then he immediately grew it back.

    7. He is very afraid to live anywhere but Tucson.

    8. Everybody he works with thinks we are already married because he's been calling me wife for a very long time. I just wish he would actually make it final though!
  • kbl13kbl13
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    1. He creates insanely complicated spreadsheets before making any major financial decisions.

    2. He knows more about cars than anyone should.

    3. He has recently become a total beer snob.

    4. His singing makes LO stop crying, every time.

    5. The man can dance.

    6. He cannot cook.

    7. He needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night. 

    8. He loves being a daddy and already has names picked out for future babies.

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  • jg1011jg1011
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    1. He is a ridiculously insane Sports fan---completely obsessed with the NY Giants and the NY Yankees.

    2. I think his priorities go like this----Vincent &me, family, fantasy football,

    3. He has incredible will power. When he puts his mind to something he s unstoppable.

    4. He is a great cook. I think he missed his calling and should have probably gone to culinary school.

    5. He is likely undiagnosed with

    6. He researches EVERYTHING to an unexplainable degree before making a purchase. Choosing baby gear was very interesting....thank God I was pregnant for 9 months!

    7. He is uncharacteristically anxious when it comes to being a dad.....he worries about EVERYTHING!

    8. He hates his job and cannot wait to find something new. 

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  • kb&mbkb&mb
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    1. He loves to dance

    2. He is so intelligent.

    3. He loves to do competitive races - marathons, triathlons, tough mudders

    4. He is a great gift giver.

    5. He has spreadsheets for everything.

    6. He loves shoes and clothes as much as I do.

    7. He likes having dance parties with Noah.

    8. He can't wait to teach Noah to surf and fish. 

  • 1 since the baby arrived, SO makes me breakfast in bed every morning

    2 he leaves the bottle warmer plugged in unattended about once a week 

    3  he was a child actor

    4 he first tried coffee in his late 20s

    5 he is a fantastic writer. Short stories. 

    6  he reads and rereads series of books

    7 he is the first person I bounce research ideas off of even though we completed very different degrees

    8 he can almost always make laugh when we are arguing. 


  • I need to add one more - i once had him get tested for hearing loss. His hearing seemed really bad. He got a perfect score. The doctor said  'you realize that you will have to tell your wife that your deafness has nothing to do with hearing'.
  • 1. He has a very demanding job. He works with children who have been victims of or  have been effected by domestic violence.

    2. He is very musically talented. He plays drums, guitar, and bass.

    3. He is obsessed with golf. He's not that great at it, but he LOVES it.

    4. He has a horrible habit of leaving his socks in random places. It drives me crazy.

    5. He knows very random things. This makes him a pro at trivia.

    6. He's a holiday fanatic. He goes all out with decorating for all holidays. Which makes things a little easier for me!

    7. He makes amazing homemade belgian waffles...yummm

    8. He's a big family guy. He would rather hang out with us than his friends. I love that, but I do encourage him to hang with his friends every now and then.

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  • 1. He is an insane UK basketball fan and wears a UK flag as a cape to watch the games.

    2 His favorite band is Phish

    3 His family home burned down twice when he was a kid. Once in elementary and once in high school. They lost everything both times.

    4 He's been struck by lightning.

    5 Our basement is 90% full of his Star Wars memorabilia.

    6 His favorite beer is Rolling Rock

    7 He LOVES doing yard work

    8 He chews on his tongue all the time.  It drives me crazy

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  • This is fun : )

    1.  He taught himself to read at 4 years old, because he didn't "trust" anyone to give him accurate information regarding sports.

    2.  See #1 - he is the biggest sports fan I know

    3.  His favorite beer is Duvel - he's a snot in that way

    4.  he is extrememly sentimental - he saved all of his matchbox cars from childhood for his future son.  : )

    5.  He is extremely sensitive, doesn't cry often but he is "hurt" easily and doesnt fogive easily either

    6.  He is a catcher on his men's league baseball team which i find sexy

    7.  his "fetish" is giving oral.  tmi, but im lucky as hell

    8.  He's a better parent than me x100.

  • 1. He is extremely intelligent. I don't think he has ever failed at anything he has tried.

    2. He has a spreadsheet and research docs for every major purchase we have ever made. Including ALL baby items.

    3. He can work for 10 hours being an engineer and then get into a tractor for another 6 or 8 hours during spring and fall and not complain about it, ever.

    4. If you ask him to summarize a movie you won't have to watch it after he is done talking. He can't just give minor details. It is scene by scene.

    5. He has never drank coffee.

    6. He was a huge partier in college and hardly went to class but still graduated with a higher GPA then I did.

    7. He likes old fashion names. I really have to fight hard to get some modern names on our future babies list.

    8. He claims doing research for stocks and investments relaxes him.
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  • tngrl3tngrl3
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    1. He is a nurse and currently in school getting his Nurse Practitioner degree.

    2. He is into guns and use to work at a gun store. I think we have 8 guns in the house at present plus the "gear" that goes with it.

    3. He served in the Middle East during Desert Storm as part of a M.A.S.H. unit.

    4. He is 13 years older than I am.

    5. He makes biscuits from scratch.

    6. He goes by his middle name.

    7. He does not like dogs because he was attacked by one as a kid.

    8. He picked out N's name.

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  • 1. He is a movie buff. Seriously. Y'all should see our blu ray collection. It's nearing 550 and still counting.

    2. He has 8 brothers and sisters. He is the oldest.

    3. He can make LO laugh and squeal. Makes me have the sadz because I try and try but I just can't get LO to do that for me.

    4.  He is all about exotic cars. On our entertainment center in the LR my pictures and sentiments are on one side and his die cast model cars are on the other. 2 Lambos, Audi R8, and a Saleen S7, just to name a few that are sitting there. 

    5. He has had a new car every year since 2004. His most recent purchase 2013 Cadillac CTS-V coupe. He says he wants wants to keep it but he always changes his mind.

    6. He works in the oilfield and loves it.

    7. He won't let me touch his laundry. He's weird. He says I don't do it right. Which I do I've watched him do his laundry on several occasions. I don't know what he is soooo picky about putting them in the washer and turning it on. He has been this way since day one. But I'm not complaining, I only have to worry about mine and LOs clothes.

    8. When he eats, he eats one item at a time. Ex: when he has a burger and fries, the fries go first and then the burger. Apparently, he's been doing this since he was a toddler.

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  • 1. He is an awesome cook.

    2. He changes hobbies every other month. Seriously.

    3. He's kind of a slob.

    4. He wants a lot of kids. 

    5. He could strike up a conversation with anybody about anything and talk FOREVER.

    6. He knows a bunch of random useless information about all kinds of stuff.

    7. He loves documentaries.

    8. He's moodier than any woman I've ever met in my life!   

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  • 1. He is an amazing cook.

    2. He cried when we found out we were having a boy.

    3. His beard is a thing of pride for him.

    4. He is OBSESSED with anything football. Prob could've gone pro.

    5. He is a closet mama's boy.

    6. He pays more attention than I realize.

    7. He is hilarious.

    8. Has a very generous way about him. 

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  • zmosszmoss
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Comments 5 Love Its

    This is so fun!

    1. He rides horses for a living, which means that he wears Wranglers and boots 6 days out of the week. I find this really really HOT!

    2. His grandmother and mother are incredible cooks and bakers and he can bake from scratch like no one I know (except his mother, Gmother passed away).

    3. He is extremely moody and taciturn. Negative Nancy has nothing on him. 

    4. On the other hand he is a practical joker and likes to scare me and do things like pour ice water over the curtain when I am in the shower. 

    5. He is an amazing dad! 

    6. He was a Professional archeologist before he started doing the work he does now.

    7. He is from a very small town in Western Nebraska--Go BIG RED!

    8. He gave me a promise ring when we started seeing each other so my family in Puerto Rico would know he was serious about his intentions.

     I could go on and on---I love this man--but he DRIVES me CRAZY!


  • image zmoss:

    I love this man--but he DRIVES me CRAZY!


    1. He doesn't get upset easily.  When he does, he gets over it quickly.

    2. He has a pocket knife collection.

    3. He has the same quirks as his father, but refuses to acknowledge that he's a mini version of his dad.

    4. He loves olives.

    5. He has a metal dectector...and watches metal detecting videos on youtube.  I swear he's a 65 year old trapped in a 33 year old's body.

    6. He is incredibly smart when it comes to business/management.

    7. He played soccer in college, and was really good.  I'm hoping A inherited his soccer skills!

    8. He knows how to snap me out of a bad mood.

  • 1. He is Power Lineman. He controls the power in town.

    2. He has no rhyme or reason for the sports teams that he likes.

    3. He has really small hands and always has a problem finding work gloves that fit.

    4. He gained as much weight as I did during my pregnancy. (He blames my cooking. I blame his self control.)

    5. He has never watched any of the Star Wars movies.

    6. He sleeps with the blanket I made him for his first birthday that we were together. We were both "blankie kids." DD is following in our footsteps.

    7. His graduating class only had 11 people in it.

    8. He is left handed. 

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  • This is so much fun!

    1. He hates coffee, his form of coffee in the morning is Mt. Dew. He is seriously addicted.

    2. He is CRAZY good at math. He can solve almost any math problem in his head without paper. I don't have a use for a calculator anymore because of him. Also, he can keep a running total in his head as he grocery shops.

    3. He is super smart in other areas too. Almost had a perfect SAT score. But, he hates school so he couldn't stand to go to college.

    4. He races dirt track modifieds. He is really knowledgeable about cars and builds his own motors and other things. I've never had to take my car into the mechanic because I have my own at home =)

    5. He wont cook.

    6. His family and friends always said he would be the one to never get married or have kids, but I guess he just needed the right one to change his mind =)

    7. He is the type of person that goes to a garage sale not to look for himself, but to buy and resell.

    8. He is super athletic and really good. Plays almost every sport and cant wait to put J in sports. He is a KU basketball lover.

    Also, I don't know what I would do without this man. He is my rock and such a great father! 

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  • it is so sweet to see the love for SO's on here!  I feel the same way....Im so in love and we've been together for 10 yrs and married for 4.5

    1. he's a fabulous cook and loves to try new things (seems like many of us are lucky this way!)  

    2. he's a math/Excel wizard and blows my mind with the spreadsheets he creates in minutes

    3. he has a photographic memory

    4. he wants to/should be on Jeopardy

    5. plays the bass and guitar

    6. went to space camp

    7. loving and cutest dad on the planet

    8.  obsessed w. golf and should be b/c he's damn good at it!

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    2 His favorite band is Phish


    this is us too!  Fun to see other phish fans on here...where are you guys from? 

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  • 1. He is the smartest person I know.

    2. He used to be a deputy district attorney and prosecuted some of the most dangerous criminals out there. Now he is a SAHD.

    3. He says being a SAHD is the hardest and most rewarding job he's ever had.

    4. If you don't know him, you might not realize how complex he is because he seems to have a "uni-mood." He does not raise his voice, cry, or appear to get worked up at all.

    5. Some people find him intimidating. He is very blunt, and can come off as cold.

    6. He loves kittens, puppies, babies and all things cute, though he will not admit it to many people. He has a reputation to maintain. His computer background is of the fluffiest kitten you have ever seen.

    7. The only time I have ever seen him cry was while we were watching a video of Fred Rogers on YouTube. I was pregnant and we both cried like babies.

    8. He is a great dad and husband. He gets up early every day and makes me breakfast. He makes me lunch when I come home from work. He takes great care of LO and likes to babywear and take him to the zoo, park, etc.

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  • Ok I'l play/

    1. He can eat an entire half gallon of ice cream in one sitting. He LOVES sweets!

    2. He drove a golf cart too fast and flipped it on the golf course.

    3. He doesn't eat four legged animals. Two legs are cool like chicken & turkey. He's practically a vegetarian. Such a picky eater!

    4. He's the oldest of 4 brothers.

    5. He ran a marathon in less than 4 hours.

    6. He's got big feet (size 13)

    7. During senior year in college he declared for the NBA draft.

    8. He loves Quentin Tarantino's movies!

  • 1. His initials are FAT Jr.

    2. He has super curly hair, and wore it long when I first met him. In his DL picture his hair is so big it's out of the frame!

    3. He also went to space camp.

    4. Animals are drawn to him and love him pretty much immediately.

    5. He broke his foot stepping off a curb years ago and now his right middle toes do the vulcan salute.

    6. He is huge Star Wars fanboy. We probably watch the original trilogy 6 times a year.

    7. He puts me to sleep even if he isn't going to bed. Every night, without fail.

    8.  He is amazing with computers (and all electronics) and has our whole house networked, including the TV.

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