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Question from June mom....

Hey Ladies! 

Congrats to all you new mommies and your precious babies. I stalked you all for about two months reading all your birth stories. I'm not a creeper promise, just excited for my little one.


Ok my question is, what is one thi g you wished you had brought to the hospital that you didn't bring, or if you brought everything and the kitchen sink, what was the one item that was invaluable to you.

 Im packing my bag this weekend and wanted to see if you ladies had any advice since you just went through the labor process.




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Re: Question from June mom....

  • A must have for me was an eye cover for sleeping/napping during the day.

    i can't recall anything I took that I didn't use.  


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    i didn't use my nightgowns, just the hospital gowns. i just wore my bathrobe when people were around or to my nicu visits. i do wish i had brought my pillow, but it wasn't a huge deal.

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  • The one thing I had to get my DH to bring to me the first time was a fan for white noise. It is loud in the hospital overnight and all of the noise was keeping me up. I slept so much better after I had something to drown it out. The fan was one of the first things I packed this time.


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  • ka2shazka2shaz
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    With both deliveries I was happy I had the belly bandit. Ended up getting it in 2 sizes. Started wearing as soon as the epidural was out and was in my jeans day9 pp with first delivery and day7 pp with second. Both were c sections, if it matters.
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  • Snacks! And a razor to shave my legs. It's amazing how free it feels to shave your legs without the belly. The snacks are for the middle of the night or random times when you're nursing and the hunger strikes. I took protein bars, juice boxes and bottled water, all stuff they had there but that I didn't really want to bug a nurse to get for me. Also, the more you bug the nurses the more they take your blood pressure and I ended up with a bruise as it was. 
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  • both times I way over packed but the things I was so happy I brought both times were some nice bath/shower items.  I brought nice shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, etc.  The first shower afterward is just so heavenly and having "special" products made it that much more wonderful for me.   All of the clothes I brought I could most definitely have lived without, I didn't learn my lesson the first time and still brought 4 days worth of outfits (c-section) and ended up wearing hte hospital gown the whole time, both times.  
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  • I loved being able to get in my own clothes after delivery and shower. The hospital gown just looked And felt gross to me. I took a pair of black nursing PJs and a pair of black yoga pants. Black so if bleeding accidents occurred they weren't ruined forever.

    Also lip stuff. I had like 10 tubes around my bed and used them ever 5 minutes. ;.


  • I honestly didn't really use anything I brought with me. I just wasn't up to it. I brought my own nursing night gown, didn't use that. The bleeding after birth was way more than I expected and I saw no point in ruining my own nightgown when I could just use the hospital one. I brought my iPod, a docking station for it, a birthing ball, tablet, makeup bag and didn't use any of it. I wish I had brought snacks and my husband went back home and got pillows after the first night there. Hospital beds are def uncomfortable.
  • I had a RCS and didn't wear anything I packed until the day I went him except my own robe cuz it made me look a little more put together. I wore the hospital gown the entire time. The only things that I was really glad to have were my pillow, iPad/charger, a bag of snacks, and slippers/flipflops. Don't overpack cuz it's a pain when you leave and have a baby, car seat, purse, bag, shoes, flowers and gifts. Pack light!!!
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  • My one must have was a nursing tank. I HATED the hospital gown and couldn't wait to get out of it. So once I showered I put on yoga pants and a nursing tank and hoody. Best decision ever. It was soooo much easier than the damn gown and I felt somewhat human again.

    Also, my hospital did not provide toiletries, so I had no body wash and or shampoo. I was really surprised by this but I would be sure to pack some just in case.

    Personally I packed everything under the sun an used hardly any of it.

    Best of luck to you!

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  • Thanks for all the responses ladies, I really appreciate it!
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  • My most necessary must have was earplugs. They allowed me to sleep a little bit in between BP checks and nursing sessions later on.
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  • I sent DH home for my hairbrush and pillow. Otherwise, all I used were my toiletries and did put on my yoga pants and nursing tank top on the 2nd day.
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  • Most valuable... Camera, phone charger, large plastic cup with straw, granola bars for H during labor, and body wash!!!

    I also brought bare minimum. Going home clothes for me and baby, toiletries for shower, deodarant and slippers. It was all I needed.
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  • Snacks, a nursing tank and yoga pants. I lived in that gear day and night for my stay. I even got the nurses in recovery to help me put on a tank after my csection!
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  • Pillows, pillows, pillows! They were a lifesaver. He hospital ones suck so I slept better, they were way better when trying to BF, and the chair/bed thing DH had to sleep on was awful, so he used about three pillows just for himself to get any sleep at night.

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  • I loved having my boppi, my own pillow and a fan! My room was always so hot, the white noise and the cool air was great!
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  • I brought my own pillow, a few long nightgowns, my iPod & speakers (but I generally just listened to the radio), iPad, camera, toiletries, slippers, a robe, baby book for footprints, a going home outfit for baby, and a going home outfit for me (nothing fancy).

    i wish I brought a beastfeeding pillow.  I wish my going home outfit was more roomy. I was really bloated from all the IV fluids they pumped into me over 3 days. I wish I brought more of my own underwear as I hated the mesh panties the hospital provided. I didn't wear makeup the entire time I was there. 

    Most used: cup with straw (hospital provided) and Chapstick. Omg. Chapstick. Bring two just in case you lose one! 


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  • Flip flops
    Shampoo and conditioner .. forgot mine!
    More comfy clothes for me
    Pads without wings
    At least 3 nursing tanks

    I went in w the assumption that there was no way I was having a c section! And guess what .. I had a c section! Which meant a longer stay. I didn't have enough clothes for myself! Plus my LO was in the NICU and we had to walk all the way to the children's hospital. I had on the gown my hiking shoes! So a pair of flip flops would have been nice.
  • I loved having my own clothes to change into and totally agree with the pp who said special shower gels and lotions helped me feel like a new woman. I was really glad to have brought my own pillow and blanket. The bed was uncomfortable enough! I was so hot, I never wore the slippers I had brought.

  • Bathrobe and snacks! I didn't have a robe on the first baby and it was awkward with my butt hanging out of the hospital gown. I also brought a night gown this time and it was way more comfortable for me but the robe is a must have! I didn't remember to bring snacks this time and was really bummed out because I got super hungry in the middle of the night and all there was to eat at that point were nasty ham and cheese sandwiches.

    Hope you have a great delivery! Good luck!
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  • I forgot to bring half of what I wanted to pack. Such as, my birthing ball and a foam kneeling matt for labouring in the tub on my knees. Turns out I didn't need them, I had a baby in less than 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

    I also forgot my pillow. I really wish I had my pillow.
  • One random thing I wish I'd brought was a folder to keep all the papers they give you organized. I was so sleep deprived and just generally exhausted that I just stuffed papers in different places and then couldn't find them.
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  • My own pillow was a godsend and tank tops for easy nursing.

    Only other things that were useful was the camera of course, flip flops and hygiene stuff.

    Keep it simple, really.
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  • I bought a Pretty Pushers gown and LOVED that thing.  I didn't wear it for delivery (I'd planned to labor in the tub, so no gown, but ended up getting to the hospital within 20 minutes of DD's birth) but I changed into it once everything was over.  It was great.  I could untie the halter to breastfeed and do skin-to-skin, and I didn't worry at all about getting blood on it.  It also left my arms bare for blood pressure/blood draws, etc.

    Also, lip balm and my own toiletries. 


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  • By the end of day 1 we had my mom bring up our own, softer toilet paper.  Hospital grade toilet paper is not pleasant.  Next time, I will bring my own towels for showering, theirs were just too small!

    i second the above mentioned toiletries and snacks.  

  • A must have for me was a post partum belt, other than that just your going home clothes with the babies, and phone of course. Those were the only things I used. Oh and snacks!!
  • Something I loved that I had was conditioner, after the baby my hair was all knotted; it was a life saver! Something I didn't need was all the clothes I brought for myself. I wore only the gowns and something to leave in that was it.
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  • image JillyFish48:
    By the end of day 1 we had my mom bring up our own, softer toilet paper. nbsp;Hospital grade toilet paper is not pleasant. nbsp;Next time, I will bring my own towels for showering, theirs were just too small!i second the above mentioned toiletries and snacks. nbsp;

    This!! Now is not the time for economy, buy the best stuff you can find!
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  • Good toilet paper!!! Total life saver because all you can do is pat it dry so their crappy little nonabsorbent stuff sucks. =]
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