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Computer game problem

So my husband is a wonderful guy and I love him to pieces. Unfortunately, he has discovered this new computer game that he plays all day long. Our LO is just about two weeks old and he helps with daily feedings and diaper changes, but once he is finished he is back at the computer. He works from home most of the week, so he sets up his laptop next to the desktop and does both at the same time. Before baby arrived we would sit and watch tv or just hang out. Since we've been home, he goes to computer and plays. I feel like its me and the baby and him and the GD computer game!!! What to do!!

Re: Computer game problem

  • Be honest and tell him he needs to cool it with the gaming. Be realistic and think of how much time you're okay with him playing and take into consideration how Much he likes the game, then let him know that you'd prefer he limit his play time so that the two of you can spend time together. It also doesn't hurt to express an interest in the game and ask questions so that he doesn't feel like you're resenting the time he does spend playing. 

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    Thanks! I actually talked to him about it and he says he will not be playing it as much anymore. We are very honest with each other. I think talking to him will help. I am a person that lets things build up and I don't like to feel like a nag. He is a great husband and is becoming a great dad. Thanks for your help. I just needed to vent.
  • I completely understand. We've had that talk at our house a couple times in the past 11 years.
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  • My hubby is the same way with his computer, XBOX, and cell phone games!  We had a serious talk before the baby came!  He has done awesome since... I wanted to give him certain times to play but we haven't had time since DD was born!  I know he is missing it but he is soo much help (much more than I expected) so I feel bad.  In time all will equal out :)

    Glad you guys had a talk.... I hope he follows through.  They lose track of time when they play and really have no clue!

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  • I have had this issue too.  Last time I asked DH to entertain DD so I could shower and get some things done, I came back downstairs to find DH playing computer games and DD in her RnP beside him.  Ummm, that isn't quality time.  


    Glad you guys talked and hopefully it will improve.  My husband is slowly starting to realize priorities have changed but he is taking his sweet time... 

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