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First time dad, any advice?

My wife and I just found out yesterday she's pregnant, it was planned and we're super excited. Any advice? She's just about 5 weeks tomorrow.

Re: First time dad, any advice?

  • At this point, make her comfortable.  Her body has already gone through crazy changes and will be going through a million more.  Cut her some slack.  She's not likely going to have the energy level to keep up like she did pre-pregnancy during the 1st trimester, and then again in the 3rd.

    Realistically, there isn't much, other than reading up and attending doctor appointments to do at this point.  As you get closer to halfway, start getting the nursery ready, get the registries together, things of that nature.

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    Right now, start stocking up on saltines, ginger ale and whatever else makes her not feel nauseous.  Do what you can to make her comfortable.  Pitch in more around the house.

    Above all, try to enjoy your time together just the two of you.  Don't stress.  Relax and try to enjoy it.

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    Just keep the communication lines open and start to budget the next 25 years now so you can save up or pay down debt over the next 9 months to get you in a better place.

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  • Congrats!

    It is a wild ride, all good advice you have gotten above. Have to agree with Wulfgar as well, keep communication open.

  • At this point just buy some books and start reading up.  There is a TON of information both in books and on the internet (including this site).  Most of the major 1st trimester symptoms didn't kick in for my wife until around weeks 8-9.  That's when morning sickness took over and to be honest, she hasn't fully kicked it and she's 22 weeks now.

    Start helping out around the house.  If she's nauseous and all she can eat is a bean burrito from Taco Bell (like my wife) then make that late night drive.  Be supportive!  

    Congrats and welcome! 

  • At five weeks just be ready for the stomach issues any day at any time.  And the rollercoaster mood swings.

    For her, just pamper her and stay in tune with her needs. is a wild ride!


  • Enjoy it man. These will be some of the best memories for you and your wife- especially in the second half of the pregnancy.
  • Thanks for all the advice guys
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