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How did your baby do with zantac?

My sweet boy has reflux and we were prescribed Zantac. I was just wondering how your LO did with it. I am nervous about giving medication so early but I hate seeing him in pain. Also what do you get your baby to sleep in. I can't seem to get him comfortable at night. We have tried the swing, rock-n-play (My DD1 loved both and had a mild case of reflux) but he just seems so uncomfortable. Any other suggestions?

Re: How did your baby do with zantac?

  • Zantac was the miracle drug for DD1! For months I tried just about everything to reduce the screaming and spitting up without any success..I changed my diet, changed DD1s positions before and after nursing, etc without any luck. I shared your reluctance about putting my LO on medication but once she was on the Zantac she was a happier baby and started gaining. 
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  • DS started zantac 3 weeks ago. He has had no trouble with it, and it has helped him a ton. No more arching, coughing, gagging. He seems more comfortable and happy. He sleeps in the RNP.


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    Mine is sooo much better on Zantac.  She is on the lowest dose for her weight so still has some symptoms but she is not screaming in pain anymore.

    She did outgrow her first dose in just 2 weeks so we had to up it as the symptoms were getting worse each day and she was back to screaming in pain.  Within 24 hrs on new dose the pain has gone down greatly.


  • My LO started zantac at 10 days and it was a miracle for us.  We really struggled w/ giving it to her for several weeks but now she opens her mouth and takes it like a champ.  We tried giving it to her in her bottle w/ breast milk and that worked for awhile.  Eventually, we just had to force it to her w/ a syringe from the drug store. 
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