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Different Baby at Daycare

Mobile.....Different Baby at Daycare

Is anybody else's baby totally different at daycare? DD has put herself to sleep for every nap since day 1 at daycare when put down awake withib minutes. She also sleeps anywhere from 13 hours for her naps. At home I cannot put her down drowsy let alone awake without her screaming, even though I know she is tired. The maximum she will sleep at home for a nap is 40 minutes. I call her caretaker a miracle worker. I know babies are usually different for others, but I never thought she would be this different! I am glad she is so good and easy for daycare, but wish it would carry over to home!
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Re: Different Baby at Daycare

  • It's funny, it's the opposite for us so far.. DS has only taken short crappy naps at daycare but used to nap amazingly at home. It's only been a week though since I went back to work.. I'm thinking he will get used to daycare and all the stimulation and be able to relax and nap better there soon.
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    I have the same situation!  I cannot get more than an hour nap out of DS at home.  At daycare, he naps like an angel.  I don't know if it's just different stimulation, but at most there are 4 kids there (in home daycare), but normally just 1 or 2 other kids.  I'm glad he is great for her because I feel like mamas have the most patience for their LOs.  I'm sure he will get better with the nap thing, bu tI do find it kind of funny how different he is there :)
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  • lurker chiming in: 

    my LO does the exact same thing.  Perfect napping and feeding schedule for the sitter, pretty much chaos for me.  I think it has to do with bottle feeding versus breast feeding.  I think he fills up more at a given feeding with a bottle, then naps better with a fuller tummy?  verus 'snacking' on me all damn day and getting hungry every hour.  

  • DS is such a 'happy baby' at daycare...all the teachers there just coo over him...at home? Serious grump! I so wish I could see more of his smiles that he just throws around at daycare!
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