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How long did you wait???

We ended up with an amazing eater, sleeper and awesome delivery...woohoo!


with that being said...I am ready to have sex again...and we have time to do it and energy to do it! 


How soon is too soon? When did you start back up?  


Re: How long did you wait???

  • Like a year. Not even kidding. Charlie was a seriously high needs baby and we couldn't even sleep or eat no less have sex. lol Hopefully this time around is better.

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  • When the Dr ok's at 6 week appt. in the meantime do other things! ;
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  • I think we first tried at 3 months pp and it was so uncomfortable. It didn't get better until about 9 months pp!

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  • My baby is 9 days old and I could go for it. I didn't tear or have any stitches, but I'm just waiting for the PP bleeding to stop.
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  • I am two weeks PP today & I plan to wait until after my checkup. Honestly the thought of having sex without getting on BC first scares the heck out of me haha.

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  • I am currently 5 weeks PP and we had sex at 4 weeks PP.  I had a c-section so I thought it would be ok.  We made sure to use protection because I can't imagine another baby right now!!
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  • DS is 5 weeks and we haven't yet.  With DD I waited about 8 weeks.  It was pretty uncomfortable, but lots of lubrication helped.  I only got one stitch with her so my recovery wasn't bad.  This time around I had a second degree tear and recovery has been worse.  I probably won't be willing to try until about 12 weeks pp.
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  • With DS #1, i waited about 4 months..i was really scared


    I am still waiting with DS#2. My OB appt. is on Friday and I am sure she will give me the ok then. Maybe it will happen this weekend, if i am ready.

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  • I am waiting until my OB okays it at my 6 week appointment, but I had an episiotomy and stitches. 


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  • I had a bunch of stitches and was told no sex until 6 weeks...i'll probably wait longer than that..plus LO sleeps in bed with us for now so probably will be a few months anyway. 
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  • I'm 4 weeks PP and had a couple stitches..maybe this is TMI but you asked..last night was first timeline not sure if it was uncomfortable or if I was really nervous.. not something I'm ready to do again yet though
  • After I had Tony, we waited about 8 weeks. Seriously, both of us were so exhausted sex was the last thing on our minds! We tried it at 8 weeks, but it hurt too much so we called it quits. We tried again about 2 weeks later and it was *slightly* better. To be honest, sex really didn't start to feel good again until I was about 6 months pp. That being said, I had complications after my delivery with Tony, and a very difficult recovery.

     Now I'm 4 weeks pp, I've had the easiest recovery in the world, and despite bone-dead exhaustion I'm actually ready to have sex again! Unfortunately I'm still bleeding a little, so I'm going to wait until it stops completely before attempting any bedroom fun. 

  • DS: 4 weeks.

    DD1: 5 weeks

    DD2: Not anytime soon thanks to a difficult delivery and being so darn tired. 

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  • I'd like to now but think my bits need more time to rest and I want the bleeding to stop.

    I didn't tear this time but I have prolapse from the birth of my first and it's more pronounced now. It doesn't hurt or anything but I want time to rest and work on strengthening my pelvic floor before going at it. We'll most likely try around two months PP. 

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  • DH and i did at 4 weeks, but i had a c-section. i feel really in the minority here but it was some of the best sex we've ever had! i had preeclampsia the two weeks before i delivered and was really sick so it had been about 8 weeks.
  • I am the same way! I had a great delivery and 2 weeks pp, I feel 90% back to normal. The bleeding is nothing compared to my periods so I was even surprised with that! I did have a second degree tear but I'm going to ask my doctor for permission to go ahead at my 4 week appointment.
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    I had a c section so I dno't have to worry about vaginal pain, but I have been "ready" since day one -- honestly, seeing Dh be such an amazing father and having him take such good care of ME during those first days was the biggest aphrodisiac ever!

    That said, I have been scared ot do anything too soon and didn't want to risk affection, and I've been bleeding, so we have waited.  I'll be 6 wks PP on Friday and have my appt with my Ob on Friday and we have Big plans for Friday night. ;-)
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