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Share your easy lunches for LO

I'm sick of giving DS the same things every day, share some *easy* fast recipes. I usually just have a smart one or something easy so I don't want to spend a lot of time preparing a lunch. TIA :)
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Re: Share your easy lunches for LO

  • Dee1028Dee1028 member

    Here are our go-to lunches that the fellas love:

     grilled cheese and fruit

    hard boiled eggs, toast, fruit

    leftover pasta (we have pasta once a week because they love it)



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  • Sandwich thin sauce, spinach, cheese, other pizza toppings...toaster oven or George foreman.

    Crackers, cheese, fruit

    Hummus and pita chips

    Pb and J and fruit

    Steamed veggies pasta and parm cheese
  • I buy a rotisserie chicken each Sunday and tear small pieces off and mix them with shredded cheese, then I throw in one of those pouches that has veggies and fruits in it.

    I also buy a quiche each week that has some ham and spinach or broccoli in it. I chunk it up and put it in his lunch.

    We get those Applegate turkey hot dogs, too, and chop them up for his lunches, mixed with peas or carrots. 

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  • English muffin pizza

    Cheese and crackers

    Grilled cheese


    Hummus and feta in a pita pocket

    Annie's mac and cheese

    Hardboiled egg and toast

    Annie's Bernie O's with peas and cheese


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  • To add to what the others have already said. I batch cook once a month- freeze it in individual portions in zip lock bags and then take one out in the morning for LO's lunch box. I'll make pasta with veggies in sauce, mac n cheese, chilli, chowder, etc.


  • Our go to lunches are leftovers, pasta or ravioli with mixed diced veggies, quesadillas with cheese and avocado, fruit, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, lunch meat rolls with cheese and cucumber, diced ham and eggs. Once a month I make a bunch of turkey meatballs that have shredded zucchini and carrot in them. I just microwave those. I also buy a rotisserie chicken once or twice a week and we all eat bits if that for lunch or snack. I always keep frozen diced veggies and fresh fruit on hand. The pre diced veggies are easy to toss in the microwave in some water for a couple of minutes. I add those to something that seems not quite as balanced like mac n cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich.
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  • I make lunches for all of us (me, DH and the kid) so we all just eat the same thing - fairly quick and easy.  This week's lunches:

    • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, macadamia and almonds

    • Chicken and white bean soup, lettuce wraps with black bean burgers (morningstar farms), apple slices

    • Rotini with tomato sauce and broccoli, orange, edamame

    • Pizza slice, apple slices with peanut butter, hummus and veggies

    • Fried rice with broccoli and tofu, banana, and apple slices
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  • San Giorgio makes pasta that boils in only 3 minutes.  I've seen shells, elbows, and penne.  This makes a great quick lunch and you can do tons of variations with different sauces (butter, butter & parm cheese, marinara, alfredo), plus various veggies and meat. 

    Another quick cooking pasta option is tortellini.  I throw some frozen tortellini and a handful of frozen peas & carrots in boiling water and cook for 4 mins.  Toss with butter & parm cheese.


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  • Hummus sandwich, cheese stick, grapes


    Annies white mac and cheese mixed with peas and tuna

    cheese sandwich (little mayo on each piece of bread helps it all stick) sometimes I grill it, fruit, peas

    cheese stick, kidney beans, grapes (usually when he doesn't seem as hungry) 

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  • DS usually has some combo of hummus, avocado, bread or crackers, and fruits.  Sometimes he'll have leftovers.
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  • Pbj

    Hummus pita

    Those Gerber microwavable chicken chunks and turkey meatballs

    Salmon burger
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