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HUGE Problem!

My shopping for my DD is getting out of hand! I just want to get her all the cute summer clothes and shoes out there! Anyone else addicted to shopping for your little people? 

Re: HUGE Problem!

  • lol! Same problem here.  I know DS will only be able to wear things for such a short time but everything is so cute I can't help going overboard!
  • This is the reason I'm happy about having a boy. Lol! I honestly have not done a lot of shopping because we've gotten lots of clothes from other little boys and our showers. It's kinda keeping me away.
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  • I have bought a total of 5 onesies for DD. That's it. She has TONS of clothes though, because one of my friends with a 1 1/2 year old gave me 4 huge boxes of hand-me-downs, and because other people keep buying her clothes! She has so many cute summer onesies and dresses that I don't even know if she'll get to wear everything before she grows out of it (especially because it's not really getting very warm here yet).

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  • I keep buying things but not clothes. Storage bins and shelves and mobiles...anything to help keep baby V occupied and keep my house clean!
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  • Yes. The problem is that I have the Zulily app on my phone and love to just browse and shop while nursing.... DD already has quite a few pairs of shoes, despite them being completely unnecessary! Ha!
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  • I probably would have this problem, but our friends and family bought so much clothing for DD that we've barely had an excuse to buy anything ourselves! Not that I'm complaining, since everyone's generosity has saved us lots of money!

  • My shopping addiction is on a whole different level. Luke has plenty of cute clothes and stuff it's the cloth diapers I can't resist.
  • I didn't really buy anything before the boys were born but now I am obsessed. And outfits I need 2 of everything so my poor SAHM bank account is draining. Time to stop! lol
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    I buy a lot for DD1, but I have to keep myself from buying anything for DD2 since she can wear all of her sister's old clothes. Their birthdays are 6 days apart so all of the clothes are seasonally appropriate. Since both girls will wear it I am more inclined to buy more and better quality for DD1.

    I'm still guilty of buying way too many clothes for DD2, but the girls birthdays are 7 weeks apart so I also don't feel as bad buying stuff for DD1. Really I ended up having to buy warmer clothes for DD2 because we had a much warmer spring when DD1 was born.
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