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2 Days Until Baby and Super Stressed

This is a vent and if you don't want to read you can stop now. Just a warning.

I am due in 2 days and since I am favorable I will be induced after I'm checked at my appt Thurs morning. I'm excited and nervous as most moms are at this point.

Saturday morning I really notice a funky smell in our closet in te bedroom so I decided I'd do my best to clean it out and organize it. Long story short out water heater is in the closet and its been leaking for who knows how long causing the entire closet to need ripped out floor to ceiling and everything bleached I get rid of mildew and possible mold.

Obviously we can't stay there so we've been at my moms... Sleeping on a futon which is killing every part of my body. I haven't been sleeping at all.

I haven't been back to the trailer at all since Saturday and my mom just got back. After being there for only 5 minutes she smells so bad of mildew. I'm crying because she wants me to start moving things into storage because we'll be moving into a new house in a few months.

Not only do I not feel like moving things around but I can't stand the smell and I don't really want to breathe it. It also makes me cry to think about cleaning Everything in the house the day I get home from the hospital. They should have the closet put back together but I will have to wipe everything down with something to get he smell out. I'm so stressed!

I'm sorry for complaining. NBD is the long run but right now this feels so overwhelming.
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Re: 2 Days Until Baby and Super Stressed

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