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We have outgrown our 5oz bottles and are moving on up to 8oz. Two questions... Which bottles do you love and should I keep the smaller bottles for our next child one day or is that gross and I should get rid of them ? 

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  • Why would it be gross to reuse them for another child? Do you have one specific cup in the house devoted to each person, or several that multiple people use? ;) Bottles and nipples can be sanitized, and there shouldn't be any problem with reusing them. Can't give you any advice about sizes though, sorry!
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    Keep the bottles, but replace the nipples. The nipples break down over time and can be a choking hazard. My friends DD was able to bite the top off of her nipples because they hadnt been replaced and were worn down.

    This is what I was thinking esp since they will be in a storage bin for a few years etc. thx!!
  • I had to go out of town for a family emergency and had to buy bottles when I landed...the only thing around was a WalMart (which I hate to support) I bought some bottles there, called MAM, the nipple is really different, its sort of flat...Lydia loves this bottle over all the others! We also use DR Brown and the Born Free bottles, she does ok with these but I can tell that when I feed her with the MAM bottles she really gets down on them...I did see them on Diapers.com the other day
  • Definitely agree with PPs about keeping bottles but not nipples. I'm with Momma Kiki, I bought bottles from WalMart in the beginning when I was only hoping to supplement. I've tried Dr Browns and Playtex but DS likes Wal Mart. Go figure.
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  • We have Avent bottles too, the 4oz & 9oz size ones. All our 4oz bottles were given to us from my SIL who used them with her son. We have never had any issues with the nipples and we sanitize everything of course.
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  • We have the Avent bottles and love them except the flow of the size 2 nipples on the 9pz bottles makes Luke lazy when it's time to nurse so we kept using size 1 nipples. But Idk if you FF or BF so it might be a non issue for you.
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