3rd Trimester

WHOO-HOO! 3rd trimester!!

I know I'm in the long stretch of the end but I'm still worried about my weight. My ob said at my previous appointment I had my second 8lb weight gain, that's 16lbs just in TWO months! She said since my appointments are every two weeks now she does not want to see that again. She doesn't want me to lose weight but to maintain it. I've been trying really hard to do so but it's difficult. Since my last appointment, on Friday the 3rd, I've already gained a pound! I had my glucose test also on Friday, she hasn't called me saying anything but I don't know if she got the results yet either. I've been worried that the weight is from GD. With that said, I'm anxiously awaiting a phone call or even my next appointment in a week from tomorrow. Anyone else having trouble with weight? I've gained a total of 28lbs and I'm 28 weeks and 3 days!

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  • I'm 30 weeks and I've gained roughly 25lbs this whole time, but my dr didnt seem concerned about weight gain (yet, anyway!)  Find out what the GD test says...if its negative, start looking into your diet a little more.  If it's positive, your diet will change anyway (after another test to double check).  Also, they told me the results of my GD test right then, with a little machine.  Welcome to the 3rd trimester!  
  • Interesting! She told me that she'd call me on Monday if it was positive. So I'm assuming it's negative.
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    I gained 2lb during first tri, lots during second, and appear to have leveled off at beginning of third. I had an 8lb weight gain weeks 20-24 and then a 1-2 lb gain weeks 24-28. I didn't change my eating habits. If your diet is on point, your body just might have a different gain pattern. 
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  • I was exactly where you were. 28 lbs at 28 weeks. I got diagnosed with GD. Not saying you will but I think for me it was a blessing. I am now 38 weeks 5 days and I have gained a total of 30 lbs.

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  • I am 29 weeks and up about 7 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I did loose 10 lbs in first tri...so technically I've gained 17? Not sure which weight I should go by....
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