Inducing a VBAC

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Anyone have any experience? Looks like pre-e is creeping up on me (in 38w2d), and MW is supportive of managing with bedrest right now, but I think high risk OB is going to push taking the baby tomorrow given my 24 hr protein levels. MW mentioned that she has had success with small doses of pitocin, but I haven't started dilating at all yet! She also talked about a foley induction and something to do with sterile seaweed!!!

Any info would be great!

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Re: Inducing a VBAC

  • Pre-e was the reason for my induction and eventual c-section with my DD. I was induced at 36weeks 0 days. I was not really dialated at all, but I was 85% effaced (are you effeaced at all?)

    The foley bulb did it's job for me dialated me to 3-4cm, and then they turned on the pit and broke my water. I honestly feel that the induction would have been successful, and I wouldn't have needed the c-section, had they not insisted I be on Magnesium for the pre-e (so that they made sure I didn't have a seizure).  Magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxer (which the uterus is) and in addition to being used to treat pre-e it is also used to stop preterm labor.

    So, I was essentially having the Pitocin and induciton methods fight it out with the Magnesium to see who would win...Unfortunately, the Mag and the posterior positioning of my daughter won and I ended up with the c-section 48hrs later.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would have have asked more questions about the Magnesium and whether it was absolutely necesary. My BP was borderline, I was not having headaches and was only slightly swollen. I'm sure it was the right decision to attempt delivery due to my protein levels, but not sure on the necessity of the Mag. I also would not have let them break my water as early as they did (before I was in real active labor). If I hadn't allowed it I wouldn't have been on the clock. We could have reassesed, we could have backed off the pitocin/induciton and let my uterus rest for a number of hours and then attempted turned the pit on again.

    Anyway, you always learn things from going through an experience, and as much as read and prepared I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked for my induction due to pre-e. Hopefully, this gives you some things to ask questions about and think about for yourself.

  • I was induced for high BP at 38weeks 2 days and ended up with a c section. First I got the foley bulb, then I got the Pitocin. I started pushing and just couldn't push her out. Thankfully, my OB didn't put me on Mag. I was borderline and he didn't feel the need for it. Some docs are really aggressive with it so if they put you on it, make sure you ask why and is it really necessary if you have borderline BP's.  PP is right about Mag being used to stop preterm labor, so try not to go on it. Plus it makes you feel like crap.
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  • My OB will only induce a VBAC if you are at least 2 to 3cm.

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  • palm513palm513
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    pre-e was the reason for my c-s they won't induce a twin pregnancy even though the babies were both inline to be delivered head down face down side by side A's head already in the birth canal. Although after scheduling the section, B decided to flip cause it didn't matter anymore how he was positioned. 

    My doctor won't induce a VBAC at all. Although after you are 4cm if your water hasn't broken they will break it and give you a small amount of pit, and that is all you get as far as help if you stop progressing or anything seems off you get an ERCS. 

  • Ceci131Ceci131
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    Thanks, I'm heading to my high risk appt this AM. My 24 hr protein was >800, but my baseline is 400 so I'm not sure what that's going to mean. My BP is really only controlled when I spend the ENITRE day in bed- pretty tough with a 2 year old. Hopefully, if I go in I'm a bit dilated and can try some minimal induction methods.
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  • I was a tight 1cm. My MW swept my membranes. I went for an induction accupuncture. I drank castor oil. When all of that failed, I went in for my pit induction at 40wks3dys. I was still a tight 1cm, but they said they would give me a chance with the pit. An hour or two later, we did an AROM. And just 8 hours later, I pushed DD2 out. I would encourage you to give induction a shot, if your provider is offering

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  • My OB won't induce a VBAC.  He said if I go into labor and then stall he'll use pit to give you a little push, but there's too much risk of uterine rupture for his comfort.  If I don't go into labor first, I'll probably be headed for a RCS on Monday 5/13 (41w)

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  • I was induced at 41 weeks with pit and delivered with no complications.  The increased risk with pit is VERY small compared to the general (already small) risks of a VBAC.  I was comfortable with it because I was being monitored and was already in the hospital from start to finish.  We tried a foley but I wasn't dilated enough.  But all went well for me!  Good luck!

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