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Pressure to travel. Wwyd

My mother and sisters live a 9-10 hour drive away.  My mom has come to visit twice since the baby was born but now is begging me to drive back home to visit before I go back to work in a few weeks.  

I really would love to have my sister and my baby's cousins meet her but it feels a little unreasonable for them to think it would be so easy to take a 10 week in the car for that long by myself while pumping and takingnca of her.  Am I being crazy for not taking advantage of my time off work?  They have even offered to meet me halfway if I can find a place to leave my car but I still worry about so much time in a car and makings baby miserable/screwing up her schedule.

 Would you go? 

Re: Pressure to travel. Wwyd

  • Yep, but then traveling with my kids has never been anything I have shied away from.  Schedules are all well and good, but if they keep you from living and enjoying life then they can be isolating.   If, heaven forbid, something happened to your mom or sister, would keeping to your schedule have been that important?  Go for it and live life!!
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    I would not drive by myself for that long period of time. Pumping, feeding, stopping because the baby might cry will make the trip way longer than 9-10 hours. If I can afford it, I'll fly with the baby.
  • WIth just one little baby, yes I'd probably do it. With both my kids probably not.

    If they will meet you half way I would do that and you could do those first few hours early in the morning when LO should still be sleeping.

    It's up to you though. If you go into it thinking it will be awful and to stressful then it's more likely to be stressful and awful imo. I think you'd have to be really into the idea.
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  • If they are willing to meet you halfway I would go. It might not be the most enjoyable drive, but it will be much easier now than when your LO is older and you need to find time to take off work. Like someone else said, you can't stop living and enjoying life because of a baby!
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  • Do it, but not the very week before you go back to work. I've travelled with all three kids. Expect to be flexible, have a good sense of humor, and the trip will be fine. Plan stops for when your baby is normally awake to break up the trip, and know in advance where you will stop to feed. Will it be the most fun day? H no. But, the trip will be worth it. Make sure you have at least a week left to recover before going back to work. I go back the 20th, and we returned from our last trip Sunday.
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  • I wouldn't but DS is not a huge fan of the carseat so it would potentially be disastrous for us. As PPs mentioned, hat about flying? Gas is so expensive anyways.
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  • Right now, is, honestly, probably the easiest time to travel. One kid, who doesn't need constant entertainment and will likely sleep a lot in the car. Do you pump all night? Just try to work it, so you only maybe pump once or twice on the road. I would feed baby, then pump, then get back on the road. Plus, they are going to be that far away whether the baby is 10 weeks or 2 years. Get used to the trip now and it'll get easier as you go on.
  • I would do it - especially if they are willing to meet you half way. I traveled several times alone with DD#1 when she was an infant. Now if the easiest time for you to do it!
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    I am flying next week with my baby and 4 year old, and I am really nervous about it. My in laws, and sister have never met the baby. I am anxiety prone so I worry he will cry the whole time, get sick from the plane, that something will happen far away and I will be stuck out of state. I try to remember everything will work out just fine. While I would rather stay at home to be honest with you (free spirit I am not), but I am doing it for him, and those I love. It is an act of service, and it will make a lot of people happy to meet him, and see him. So I would go, and in the end you will probably be glad you did.
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