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Hi all. I'm new here. I had two first trimester losses in the past year and should be 11 weeks along this time. I have not had any real problems this time such as the spotting/bleeding I had with the other two. I am worried though, because I don't "feel" pregnant anymore. My breasts don't hurt like they did, I'm over my food aversions and nausea, and I'm not "showing" at all. I don't know what to make of it and fear the worst again. My family thinks I'm being dramatic, but I have a nagging feeling something is wrong. Dr appt tomorrow which seems like forever from now. Thoughts? Feedback?

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  • I know it's hard, but try not to worry about symptoms like that. It happens a lot, and just remember that those sort if symptoms don't always mean anything.

    Good luck at your appointment!
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    One of the ladies on here said this and it really stuck with me....

    "The level of your symptoms is NOT a good indicator of the viability of your pregnancy."

    Praying for great news for you!  {{{hugs}}}

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  • Symptoms or lack of symptoms are almost never never an indication of the health or viability of the pregnancy. And you are getting to that point now where your hcg levels are evening out and your symptoms should be lessening anyway.

    Also, unless you're having multiples, no one is "showing" before 12 weeks. Your uterus isn't even up past your pelvic bone yet. If you appeared to be showing before, it was most likely just bloat. And that tends to go away a little around 12 weeks as well. Just remember that everything is fine until it isn't.

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    One of the ladies on here said this and it really stuck with me....

    "The level of your symptoms is NOT a good indicator of the viability of your pregnancy."

    Praying for great news for you!  {{{hugs}}}

    This is so true. With my first loss I had every symptom in the book and it was intense. I still had them even though the pregnancy wasn't viable (I had a missed m/c). The day that I noticed they were gone was the day I started bleeding.

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  • Disappearing symptoms can be worrisome, but it's normal for them to begin to disappear around 11w. I remember waking up at 12w and every single symptom was gone - the nausea, bloat, exhaustion, everything. It's not an indicator that anything is wrong.

    Also, the PP is right - the "showing" you were experiencing was probably bloat. I was in my regular jeans again at 12w after squeezing into my clothes prior to that, and then BOOM! Bump a little while later.

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  • Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support. I guess I was freaking out a bit this morning. You guys really helped a lot!
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