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Only sleeping in the swing

So my question is our 3 week old only has been sleeping in the swing. I guess I'm concerned about back issues. Should I try to move her to her crib? She doesn't like the bassinet which is why we use the swing. 

Re: Only sleeping in the swing

  • Dr told us LO could sleep in the swing so everyone can actually sleep..just realize it might become a habit you have to break down the road. 
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  • I think at 3 weeks your fine-take what you can get. She might surprise you and be fine one day in the bassinet
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  • I think it's important to have them sleep in multiple places so they don't get into a habit. My LO sleeps in a swing, his crib, our bed, the couch, his carseat, etc and I'm so glad because that is not a problem I want to have to break later. 


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  • At this point if lo sleeps there then just enjoy the rest. :
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    At this point if lo sleeps there then just enjoy the rest. :

    This. At this age, you aren't developing a habit that will be hard to break. Is it ideal, no...but it's better for everyone's sanity.
  • I have a 20 month old and a 2 1/2 month old, and both of them went through this.  My first son hardcore refused to sleep in the crib or bassinet and would only sleep in the swing because he was extremely gassy. Once he started sleeping through the night in the swing at about 3 1/2 months, I felt I could try him in the crib and it was an easy transition, no problems, he cried it out the first night and no problems after that.  My new little boy had reflux, so the swing was most comfortable, but this past week he has been on Enfamil A.R. and it has really made a difference and he has now been sleeping in the crib for me almost through the night, only getting up once.  My Dr. was aware both times of what was going on and they said it was totally fine that they slept in the swing for a few months, everyone is right about it helping everyone get sleep and be comfortable, and there were no back issues.  I just used my judgement as to when I felt they were ready to move to the crib, you know your baby best, so just every once in a while try and put them in the bassinet or crib when ready, and see how it goes.  Hope this helps you feel a bit more confident!
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