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Fenugreek mothers tea etc

I am nursing and supplementing with formula. My supply has still been low no matter how much skin to skin, nursing, pumping I do. Have you had success with fenugreek or mothers tea, other suggestions??
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Re: Fenugreek mothers tea etc

  • I've had major success with mothers milk tea, fenugreek pills, and oatmeal. There's lactation cookies but they were out of stock at my local Sprouts market so LO's pedi said oatmeal cookies are fine.


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  • I second the lactation cookies suggestion! There are a few recipes on the web for them, and the only ingredients you need that you might not be able to find at a grocery store are brewers yeast and flaxseed meal. You can find both at GNC.
  • I take more milk plus capsules.  They work decently in addition to oatmeal and an occasional beer containing brewers yeast (oddly enough, not all do).

    Both LCs I've been working with think I need to try some medication on top of that. So we're trying reglan...the other option is domperidone, but its not available in the US so my Dr is shying away from it.

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