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Doctor's Office Vent

I had my weekly appointment this morning, and as I was getting ready I got a call from the office saying the doctor had to leave for a delivery, could they reschedule for noon? When I got to the doctor's office at noon, the receptionist apologized and said there had been complications with the delivery and the doctor wasn't back yet, but that she would be calling within the next few minutes to update on whether she'd be back today at all. Well, a few minutes later, the doctor called and will not be coming back to the office because she's going into surgery. So everyone lines up to reschedule, and the woman in front of me starts b!tching about how inconvenient this is for her, and how dare they make her literally went on for a good 5 minutes. It didn't matter at all that some poor woman was having to go into emergency surgery, HER day was being ruined. Maybe I'm just uncomfortable and irritable, but it took everything I had not to throw something at her. Ugh!
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Re: Doctor's Office Vent

  • vic1011vic1011
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    I probably would have said something to the effect of - I hope someday when it's you, the doctor isn't worried about seeing patients at the office.  
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  • I hope that woman would want her OB to prioritize her as a patient if she was in that position. Geez. People are crazy.
  • We had to wait 30+ minutes yesterday for my appointment, and I told my husband when he got antsy that OB appointments can go from routine to emergency in a heart beat, and I'd rather have a doctor that takes as much time as she needs in the emergency instead of worrying about her schedule.  She did for me last year when I had a miscarriage, so I will happily wait as long as I need to now.


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  • It is frustrating to have to reschedule and to have taken time off of work and everything, but really, Center-of-the-Universe Syndrome is getting to be too much these days.

    You are 9 months pregnant and "hormonal" ... I think you would have been justified at slapping her.  DevilWink

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  • Seems to me that lady is just a b!tch. Like PP stated, she is not the center of the universe. There is a unfortunate lady having to get rushed into emergency surgery, but she's mad to have to back? Wtfe? I don't think that your bring irritable at all, nobody has any common decency anymore. Sad.

  • My OB is the primary OB in our (extremely rural) region, and this kind of thing happens all the time.  In my opinion, it's something you should EXPECT when you choose Dr. L as your doctor here.  There have been times he has been late due to a delivery or surgery, and I wouldn't ever think to complain.  That's just wrong!   Like PP's have said, you are not the center of the universe!  I probably would have been itching to make a comment also.
  • kmcd23kmcd23
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    The irony of people complaining about waiting, and in turn making other people have to wait more while they complain always makes me double eye roll.
  • If it were me, I would of said something to the woman in front of you. People are so rude and non understanding!
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  • I wanted to say something so bad, but I've been trying very hard to be non-confrontational lately. DH, on the other hand, was not holding back! He wasn't addressing her directly, but he was loudly commenting that he's so glad our OB will be there for us if there's an emergency, and some people shouldn't think so highly of themselves. Unfortunately, I think it was going right over this woman's head.
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  • Some people feel privileged to complain and think by doing so it will get them more. I agree with you, this poor woman is suffering and all this woman can think is how inconvenient it is for her to reschedule? Well I hope that doesn't happen to her, wouldn't she feel like and arsh! But seriously I really don't want that happening to her.
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