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Stuffy Newborn

DD is so stuffed up she can barely breathe. We have tried saline drops and an aspirator as well as sitting in the bathroom with the shower on and pediatric vicks vaporpads. Nothing is helping all she does when she is awake is cry, actually scream! Any other ideas??
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Re: Stuffy Newborn

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    If your newborn cant breathe they need to see a doctor asap. 
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    If your newborn cant breathe they need to see a doctor asap.nbsp;

    This! GL
  • This is actually common in newborns and I took LO to his pedi for the same thing. He told me to purchase the Nose Frida, that thing is amazing, and use the saline drops before each feeding and naps. Also to elevate the head of his bed.


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  • I'm sorry you're going through this!  Our LO has been stuffy since birth and they're not sure if it is viral, something with the formation of the nasal passages or a result of his vaginal breech birth.  He was hospitalized at 10 days old because he was so stuffy he was having trouble, wasn't eating and was difficult to get contact with/not waking up. 

    What has helped is having his head side of the mattress elevated, rinsing both nostrils with 0.5ml to 1ml of sterile saline solution as needed and always before a feeding or laying him down (we use a 1ml syringe) and nebulizer treaments with saline solution using a mask that covers mouth and nose.  We do the nebulizer treatments as often as every 3 hours if he needs it.  But definitely talk with a doctor!  Good luck and hope your DD is better soon!

  • For a newborn that should see a doctor a cold can be deadly.
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