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Aw... Getting so big!

Just got home from our 4-month appointment. I was nervous going in after our experience last time. I'm also generally nervous about him being 4-months old because that's the age that I was when I contracted meningitis and went deaf in my right ear. Nothing to do with DS, I know, just me being a worrywart. 

The shots today went really well, DS cried only for a minute or two before calming down and starting to tell me and the nurses all about what had just happened.... so freakin' cute!


My favorite part of the appointment was getting to see how big he's getting!

Weight: 14lbs 10ozs (50th percentile and only 6ozs away from doubling his birth weight!)

Head Circumference: 43cm (70th percentile)

Height: 26.25inches (90th percentile!!)

EVERYONE tells me how tall DS is! It's no surprise... DH is 6'4"! I love watching him grow and I love that he's tall like his daddy. 


Thanks for letting me brag a bit about my growing boy. I know you ladies would 'get it'. How big are your babies getting? Brag away! :)


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Re: Aw... Getting so big!

  • At 14weeks DD was 18lbs 1.6 oz and 26 inches tall. Her head was 44cm around. So she is off the charts. I actually had to get into her 12 month clothes and they fit really well. She is growing so fast!!!
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  • ta78ta78
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    It is crazy how fast they grow. He is a tall boy. Both of mine are pretty tall, DS has always been over 95%, my DH is 6'4" too so he definitely takes after dad. Im only 5'4".

    DD will have her 4 month appt next week. So we will see.

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  • Awwww we have our 4 month appointment on Friday! Can't wait for her stats! I think that's the most exciting part :



  • holly52holly52
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    DD had her 4 month appointment last week.  It went much better than the 2 month one :) She is 13lbs 4oz 48th percentile and 25 inches tall 85th percentile.  They are growing way too fast though.
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  • Aww. We got next week, I will have to pay attention on her stats this time so I can share!
  • He is certainly a tall baby!

    DD is an end of January baby (the 26th) so we don't have our 4 month appointment until the beginning of June but reading all these weight stats makes me realize just how chunky my lil lady is. I haven't had her weighed on the doctors scale in a while but I am certain that she is close to 16 lbs! Rolls, rolls everywhere! She's not super tall (she has the possibility to be--DH is 6 ft, but I'm only 5'3") but man do my arms hurt! 

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  • Nice big boy! Love that he complained to the nurses!!  Jack had a whole convo with my sister when she visited this week.  He totally sounded like he was complaining to her!

    We go in tomorrow morning for our 4 month appointment.  I am excited to see what he weighs but not excited about the shots.  Hope Jack does as good as your LO tomorrow.  


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  • That's awesome! It is so amazing watching them grow. I can't wait for DS's 4 month next week to see how much he's grown in the last 2 months. 
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  • jobiannjobiann
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    They are growing! 

    DS was 15lbs 12oz and 25" long. I forget his head circumference and the percentiles...but she said he is doing awesome! Eating 6oz at almost every bottle at about 3-4 hours apart.  

    Henry Cavill...You're welcome!


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  • At our appt a couple weeks ago, my DS was finally on the growth charts!  He was 12 lbs 7 oz, which is almost triple his birth weight.  He's 23"+ too.  I'm so proud of my little guy lately, he's wearing his 3 mos. clothes like a champ, talking away and becoming the sweetest little guy who gives the greatest snuggles.  

    With him being early, there has always been that nagging, back-of-my-mind-stress of making sure he's growing, eating enough, meeting milestones, etc.  Now, its lessening and I've been able to ignore the "milestone per age" focus and enjoy the new things he's learning and doing every week.  I've actually enjoyed the extra little-guy time :)

  • at about 19 weeks dd was:

    12lbs 11oz (25 percentile)

    25.5 inches (75 percentile)

    and her head was 16.25" (85th percentile?)

    she started out at 6lbs10oz and 19.25" long....she's still the smallest at the daycare, and everyone there calls her peanut...i stopped calling her peanut bc to me she's huge! however, she only just started wearing 3-6mos...she still fits in some 0-3 clothes....

    also not sure how she's tall and skinny right now....i mean dh and i are both around 5'10", but skinny? that's funny :P noone in our family is (well, except maybe my niece and nephew...but they're 6 and 8) 

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